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[edit] 1 Flag

1 Flag is a player term. It's a quick way of describing a game of Single Flag CTF. The game consists of 3 rounds. Each round sees one team on offense and one team on defense. As you can probably guess, the defensive team are defending a base with a flag in it. It's the offensive team's duty to steal the flag from the enemies base and return it to the Capture Point in their base. If this happens, the round will end, and the teams will switch sides. If the time runs out, the point from the round will go to the Defending team.

[edit] Associated Terms

[edit] Flag Taken

The announcer will declare "Flag Taken", when the flag has been removed from it's spawn point or taken from wherever it has been dropped.

[edit] Flag Returned

Always a nice thing to hear as the defensive team, this means that the flag has been taken, dropped, and protected for a long enough time for it to return to it's spawn point. Be careful that you're not being duped and the enemy team is waiting back at the spawn, though.

[edit] Flag Contested

Your flag has been taken and you are defending it. If there is a member of the enemy team in the general vicinity, the flag is "contested" and will not return to it's spawn point. The enemy occupying the area has to be removed before the flag is uncontested and can return to it's spawn.

[edit] Flag Captured

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