Assault Rifle

UNSC Assault rifle
AR.JPGThe Assault Rifle
Clip Size32 rounds (Halo 3)
Clip Capacity12 Clips
Ammo Capacity384 rounds (Halo 3)


[edit] Overview

[edit] Halo: Combat Evolved

As the MA5C Assault Rifle didn't see mass production until 2552, players of Halo: CE had the opportunity to wield its predecessor, the MA5B. This version of the Assault Rifle had less stopping power than its successor. However, its rate of fire was approximately 300 bullets per second higher. While this increased firing rate was well-suited to crowd control, it also made the weapon highly inaccurate medium to long range. The MA5B was discontinued in 2552.

[edit] Halo 2

The Assault Rifle did not appear in Halo 2.

[edit] Halo 3

The MA5C Assault Rifle serves as the primary firearm of the UNSC Marine Corps. The "AR", as it is colloquially known, is tailored to close quarters combat, and is ideal for eliminating targets without energy shielding. To counterweight this advantage, the MA5C suffers in the converse area; it takes approximately twenty-one rounds (at close range) to eliminate a fully shielded opponent.

[edit] Halo Reach

Halo Reach Assault Rifle
ReachAR.jpgHalo Reach Assault Rifle
Clip Size32 rounds
Clip Capacity12 Clips
Ammo Capacity384 rounds

In Halo Reach, the Assault Rifle is the standard issue weapon used by many UNSC military personnel. The accuracy and steadiness, partially due to the new 'bloom' feature of Halo Reach, of the Assault Rifle has decreased since Halo 3. Although graphically superior to the Assault Rifle of Halo 3, it is actually more primitive, and less precise, than its 'previous' counterpart. This is most likey, and realistically, due to the fact that Halo Reach took place before Halo 3 and that the Rifle had not been perfected yet.

With the new 'bloom' feature this weapon is more inaccurate and, consequently, less damaging. For this reason it is suggested that the player not 'spam' the weapon but fire in short, controlled bursts, to increase its effectiveness.

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