Spartan using the Flamethrower
Burn, baby, burn.
NameM7057 Flamethrower
Ammo TypeFuel Drum
Ammo Capacity100% of a drum

The Flamethrower made it's first appearance in Halo 1 on the PC. Then, however, it disappeared. People looked forward to seeing it in Halo 2, but there was no such luck to be had.

Then, the Flamethrower disappeared until Halo 3. In campaign mode, this weapon is made primarily for taking out Flood enemies. It is viciously effective against them, because as a weapon, it's not only powerful, but it has a wide area of effect when it's fired. Not only that, but when it's used, the area you fire on stays on fire for a while, so it keeps any enemies at bay if they try to attack you from somewhere you've sprayed the flamethrower.

It is also available online, but not as readily as other weapons. Construct is one such map. The weapon is a deadly addition to any arsenal for this level, because of the narrow and enclosed nature of the level. Spray the flamethrower into an enemy occupied hallway and you will undoubtedly come out with at least a double or triple kill.

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