Harvest planet that is located in the Epsilon Indi System, it is a UEG agriculture colony with few population present, diverse in its capital city Utgard. It was colonized in 2468 and been glassed by the Covenant empire in 2525, being the first Human colony to be discovered and attacked by an Alien force. Its name clearly resembles its role as an agricultural colony, because of that it was peaceful and out of reach of war, and production was in great quantities.

[edit] Background

[edit] Discovery

Harvest was first discovered by the Forerunners centuries before any other species, and it wasn't mentioned whether they colonized it or not. But as the case with several planets and worlds they discovered, they built some of their facilities in it. Centuries later on and just before the first years of the Human-Covenant War, it was discovered and colonized by the Humans, specifically in 2468. The colony Harvest grew and its products varied and were produced in an expected amount, populations grew and built a couple of cities, including the capital city of Utgard.

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