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Seating CapacityTwo (Driver & Passenger)
Weapon SystemsNone
Auxiliary FunctionsHorn
SpeedVery High

[edit] Introduction

The Mongoose, also known as the M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), is a UNSC ground Recovery and Transport vehicle. Gamers will recognize the mongoose as being similar to a dune buggy, sans the tight suspension. The Mongoose handles extremely well and is ideal for rapid transit across maps.

The Mongoose is fast, but lacks weaponry; however, a passenger riding on the vehicle's tail-seat can utilize whatever weapon he or she is carrying to full effect. The Mongoose was originally intended to make its debut in Halo 2, but was scrapped and instead put on hold until the release of Halo 3. However, the Mongoose can be enabled in Halo 2 (as well as Halo: Custom Edition) via modding.

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