Mythic Map Pack

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The Mythic Map Pack is a Halo 3 DLC add-on. It has not been released yet, but people who have bought a copy of Halo Wars: Limited Collector's Edition get early access to the pack. The Mythic Map Pack contains the maps Assembly, Orbital, and Sandbox. These maps all have one skull on each of them, and finding one of them will give you an achievement, worth 25 Gamerscore.

Assembly is a map of a Scarab factory, and you can see the different parts of Scarabs around the map.

Orbital is a spacious kind of Last Resort. The map is huge, and looks a small bit like Assembly, although it's mostly indoors.

Sandbox is a map that's similar to Sandtrap, albeit smaller. It's used mostly for Forge, replacing the use of Forge in Foundry, from the Heroic Map Pack. It is said that from Sandbox you can see the edge of Sandtrap.

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