Prophet of Truth

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The High Prophet of Truth was the head of 3 Hierarchs that were in charge of the Covenant High Council.

He was considered the most evil villain in the Halo series and is both ruthless and merciless. His obsessions is so driven he is willing to spare the lives of his own people in order to achieve his goals. Of all the Prophets, Truth is the most unyielding and driven by his blind faith.

In Halo 3, Truth plays the primary antogonist, aside from the Flood and the Gravemind. Truth is completely obsessed with acquiring godlike, perhaps immortalising powers that The Great Journey is purported to give him.


According to some sources, his voice in Halo 3 gave children nightmares which led to great controversy. Bungie replied that this was not their problem as Halo was for over 16's anyway.

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