Scorpion Tank
300px-Halo 3 Scorpion.jpg
Seating Capacitysix (Driver,Gunner, and 4 passengers)
Primary Weapon System90mm HVC (High-Velocity Cannon)
Secondary Weapon System7.62mm MMG (Medium Machine Gun)
SpeedVery Slow
DamageVery High

[edit] Introduction

The Scorpion tank serves as the primary anti-vehicle platform of the UNSC. Equipped with a turret capable of rotating 360°, the Scorpion is able to track fast-moving targets with ease. Apart from its extraordinary firepower, the Scorpion can withstand large amounts of damage, making it an ideal assault vehicle. The Scorpion made its first appearance in Matchmaking with the release of the Legendary Map Pack.

[edit] Found on

[edit] Trivia

  • The Winterized variant of the Scorpion can be found on Avalanche.
  • In Campaign, the Scorpion can transport four marines, plus a gunner.
  • It is possible (and amusing) to kill one's own gunner by shooting a target in close proximity.
  • In multiplayer and campaign on Halo: Reach the sniper rifle can deal hugge amounts of damage and can even destroy the scorpion.
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