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Skirmishers are the same species as Jackals, they are deployed in a similar fashion. Although they are a lot faster and more agile than their cousins. They are also smaller then the Jackal. They were first seen in Halo: Reach and according to Bungie is that they were wiped out on Reach and this is why they are not in any other Halo games.

[edit] Description

As already stated they are the same specie as the Jackal. They are stronger and faster than the Jackal as well. U like the Jackal they have feathers instead of the Jackals quills. They also do not carry an energy shield although higher ranking Skirmisher's do use small energy shields around their wrists. They are also use different tactics to the Jackals. Instead of sticking together as one group, they split up and try to flank you.

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