[edit] Overview

Team SWAT is a playlist in the Hardcore section of Halo 3's Matchmaking system. Players begin each match in SWAT without shields and are extremely susceptible to headshots; a single burst from a Battle Rifle, one of three available weapons in the playlist, is enough to kill a player immediately. Radar is disabled in Team SWAT.

[edit] Gametypes

  • Team SWAT (Battle Rifle start)
  • Shwatguns (Shotgun start)
  • Team Magnums (Magnum start)
  • SWAT 2 Flag (The SWAT version of Multiflag)
  • SWAT Ball (The SWAT version of Oddball)

[edit] Strategies

  • Always be alert of your surroundings.
  • Always aim for the head.
  • Never try to melee. One melee will not kill anyone in SWAT, even with the absence of shields.
  • Use the Battle Rifle's spread to your advantage.
  • Check your corners.
  • Travel in pairs.
  • Call out enemy positions.
  • Keep a lookout for the locations that the enemy is most likely to spawn in.

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