Two for One

Two for One
The Two for One achievement icon.

Kill two enemies with one shot from a Spartan Laser in a ranked free for all playlist.


[edit] Strategies

There are certain strategies that increase your chance of getting this achievement.

[edit] King of the Hill

If you're lucky enough to get to play the King of the Hill gametype on a map with a Spartan Laser, you have a great chance to achieve this. Just keep the hill in sight and when you think two enemies are going to line up nicely, laser them.

[edit] Legendary Brawl

Every once in a while, Bungie makes a double EXP weekend playlist called Legendary Brawl. In Legendary Brawl, there are two gametypes that have Spartan Lasers as the default weapons. These two gametypes are probably your best chance of getting the achievement.

[edit] Boarding Vehicles

Another trick is waiting for an enemy to board an enemy ghost on Snowbound.

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