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[edit] Overview

Waterworks was, without a doubt, the larges map in Halo 2's multiplayer. It was a mammoth of a map. The map was a giant cave underground. We know little about how it was formed, but we do know that we can preform some terra-forming of our own down in the caves with some hectic multiplayer action.

Waterworks was a map that had a symmetrical nature. The giant underground cave features 2 identical bases on either side of a monstrous chasm. The chasm has a large bridge over it that leads up into the upper reaches of the cave. I'll describe one base in detail, because they are the same on either side. The base is comprised of one large room, as well as a big ramp that leads up to the roof of the base at the front and the back of the building. On both sides, the base leads off to the cavern's wall and up into some sidewinding caves that snake through the walls of the map.

There are multiple points on the map that you can enter the caves. A strategic team will use the caves to their advantage instead of using a predictable full-frontal assault using the map's heavy vehicle the whole time. Banshee pads can also be found at either base, as well as teleporters for quick travel.

[edit] Weapons & Equipment

The map is equipped with all the regular weapons, such as the Battle Rifle, Carbine Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Magnum and SMG.

  • Rocket Launcher - Spawns in the middle of the map, beside the Energy Sword. You can find the rocket launcher on the ground in the middle of the bridge.
  • Energy Sword - The energy Sword spawns at the top of the ladder in the middle of the bridge.

[edit] Vehicles

As I said, Waterworks is found only in large playlists. The type of games that generally call for all types of vehicles.

[edit] Playlists

Waterworks was most definitely a Big Team playlist. You never found this map in anything other than Big Team Battle or Big Team Clan Battle, because of it's size. Even still, you will mostly find it in Objective gametypes and will rarely find yourself matched in a Team Slayer on this map. It's clear that this map's sole purpose is objective gametypes, and it does them well.

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