The Wolverine is an UNSC anti-air armed vehicle that is featured in Halo Wars. Formally known as the MAAT-9 Wolverine Main Anti Air Tank (MAAT), it is fast moving and armed with two Argent V Missile Pods and an XM511 Heavy Grenade Launcher. [1]
Unsc wolv screen.jpg
There are two pods of Argent V Missile located just behind the driver and gunner seat, it is designed to take out large air units with great speed and accuracy. When the warheads are launched, the mechanical system in the Wolverine will reload the pods. The missile pods are angle adjustable, so it can also target ground units. The XM511 Heavy Grenade Launcher is used as a defense weapon against ground units, setting up stronger units to guard the Wolverine is necessary in order to insure survivability of the vehicle.

The Wolverine is configured much like a half-track military vehicle in real life, with wheels in the front and tank tracks in the rear.

[edit] References

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