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[edit] Overview

Headlong is a Multiplayer map from Halo 2. It is set in an old construction site in New Mombasa, a city on Earth in the Halo Universe. It was one of the larger maps, meaning you would only find it in the larger 8v8 playlists, like Big Team Battle.

The map comprised of 3 large buildings, separated by a broken bridge and some general construction type props. The buildings were setup in a triangle formation. All of them were 2 story buildings. One building was situated on one side of the broken bridge, and the other two were at the other side of it. The building on it's own side of the bridge is the "transition" building. It was mostly used as a spawn point, or a way to get into the largest building. The only way across was a very open beam that was left hanging from a crane. This beam was the quickest way across the map, but like I said, it was also the quickest way to get yourself spotted by the enemy.

Between the first building I mentioned and the others are two notable land marks. The statue and the broken bridge. The Statue is a large elevated structure. It was possible to jump out of a Banshee onto the statue if you wanted to get an elevated sniping spot. There was also a power weapon spawn under the statue.

The Bridge is a focal point of the map for sure. It was a semi constructed bridge that could be jumped with a Warthog. The reason this bridge attracted so much attention was for 3 reasons. First off, the end of the bridge where it cuts off was situated over the main door of the biggest building. This allowed for an elevated vantage point for covering team mates who are escaping with flags or who are in trouble in a firefight. Second, from a defensive perspective, the bridge was usually the point where the enemy team would show up first, so this was usually the first encounter firefight area. And third, the bridge was the quickest way to the back of the main base for an effective assault. Jumping it with a Warthog full of teammates could get you right to the back door in less than 30 seconds, giving you the all important element of surprise.

The first building, beside the statue, on the other side of the bridge was another Power Weapon spawn. It was generally used as an alternate route into the third building, which was the biggest focal point on the map. The building in question had 2 stories. First was accessed by a tiny bridge, and once you went upstairs, there was an Energy Sword spawn, as well as a walkway out which lead to the back entrance of the third building.

The third building, as I said before, was the location where most of the action on Headlong happened. It was the defensive spawn on one-sided Objective type games, as it was the largest building with the most entrances to cover, making it a nightmare for the defensive team if they weren't organized. The inside of the building was very simple. Walkways up the perimeter of the building were the only way up. It was a simple building. Very open inside, with a lot of potential entrances and exits.

These are the main points that make up Headlong. The missing pieces of the puzzle are simple one-man walkways that are too insignificant to talk about. They pose no major tactical advantage, so if you want to use them in a strategy, they would have to be part of a more grand plan.

[edit] Weapons

Because of the size of the map, Headlong had a lot of special weapon spawns:

    • Shotgun - The shotgun spawned in the first building, on it's own side of the bridge. It was at the top of a small ramp that lead out to a ledge beside the bridge.
    • Rocket Launcher - The Rockets spawned under the statue at the base of the bridge. There was a road that lead under the statue, and the rockets were located on the small ramp at the side of the road.
    • Energy Sword - The sword spawned in the building on the left hand side of the base of the bridge, right by the statue. On the second floor of the building, you will find the sword in the corner at the back of the room.
    • Beam Rifle - The Beam Rifle spawns at the top of the biggest building, on a walkway, outside the largest defense building, at the other end of the hanging support beam. This was a power weapon that was up for grabs at the start of a round. Even though it was merely on the top floor of the defensive team's spawn, an organized team could spawn on the offense side, and be out the building and over the hanging support beam before the defense could grab it. Grabbing the beam rifle was a sure way of taking control of a round early.

[edit] Vehicles

    • Warthog - At the offensive spawn, there will be two warthogs in a big team game.
    • Wraith/Scorpion Tank - Depending on the game, either one of these tanks will spawn outside the defensive buildings.
    • Banshee - Again, only on Big team Battle, a Banshee will spawn outside the Defensive building.

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