Missile Pod

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Missile Pod
A Spartan wielding a Missle Pod.
Ammo Capacity8 rounds
AccuracyLow, when not locked on. High when locked on.

The Missile Pod was a brand new weapon added in Halo 3. In Campaign, it is mounted and has an unlimited amount of missiles that can home in on vehicles and continue on their way, replacing the Rocket Launcher for its homing abilities. The mounted version can only be found in the level The Storm. In multiplayer, the Missile Pod is only found on the ground so that it cannot be abused in terms of infinite rockets. This is one of the only ways to counter a Banshee, apart from the Spartan Laser, the Power Drain, the Plasma Pistol, and sky-jacking. This weapon also appears on the map "Construct" in matchmaking. Although there are no vehicles on the map, the Missile Pod is very effective at destroying enemies gathered close together.

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