1 Bomb

One Bomb is a gametype that can be found under Social Skirmish and more playlists.

In this gametype there are 4 rounds in total. Two attacking and two defending.

At one end the Attacking team will have a bomb to plant in the enemy zone by running onto the target area. The bomb will take 15 seconds to detonate so once you have it planted you better have a good team backing you up and protecting it. This is generally harder than defending because your respawns are far away from the planting site.

On the defense end you and your team basically have 10 seconds to get some good strong weapons and pick points to defend from. If one of you die let your teammates know where from and if the bomb is coming in from that direction. If by some chance the other team plants it just kill them and defuse causing the bomb to reset back to their base. You have a generally easier position now with spawns close to the bomb and if you kill them they dont spawn anywhere near you.

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