343 Guilty Spark

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343 Guilty Spark
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[edit] Background

343 Guilty Spark, also known as "The Oracle" or "The Monitor", is the monitor of Installation 04. His personality was based on a human named Chakas. He and others of his kind were created by the Forerunners. Interacting with an Oracle is viewed by the Covenant as talking to the Forerunners themselves. He has a humorous and quirky personality. He often hums while doing work, and provides crucial aid in containing The Flood and the Heretic Uprising.

[edit] 343 Guilty Spark quotes

343 Guilty Spark can be really talkative, friendly and humorous, he said some really humorous things throughout the Halo trilogy.

"Puzzling. You brought such ineffective weapons to combat the Flood, despite the containment protocols."

[edit] Destruction

After battling against the Monitor in Halo 1 and Halo 2 on and off, you finally get the chance to get the final boot into him in Halo 3. You're on installation 05 and you've come to a Control Room that's almost the exact same as the one from Installation 04. As Johnson tries to stop the activation of the Installation, the MAster Chief arrives just in time to see the Monitor hitting Johnson with a hidden laser weapon he possess. He turns red and goes insane. Johnson had been holding a Spartan Laser before he was struck down. Chief takes his chance and grabs the Laser and proceeds to use it against the failing monitor. 3 bursts of the Laser take him down once and for all. However, he wasn't actually destroyed.

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