343 Guilty Spark (level)

343 Guilty Spark is the sixth campaign level following Assault On The Control Room in Halo: Combat Evolved. It takes place in a swamp in Installation 04, and then deep into a Flood containment and research facility in the other half of this level. After reaching the control room in the previous mission, Cortana will log herself into the Halo control system and warn you about a dangerous invasion and save Captain Jacob Keyes.
You will be dropped from the Echo 419 in a swap, you will do this mission alone without Cortana. Later on in this level the Master Chief will encounter a new ally, the 343 Guilty Spark.

[edit] Walktrough

[edit] Part 1: Well Enough Alone

After dropping from the Echo 419, move toward the fallen Pelican where you can hear a radio repeating that Captain Keyes been captured to a huge structure. You will find a pile of ammo, Health Packs and Shotguns in easy mode. Gather what you need and move on where a couple of Grunts and Jackals will be running toward you. After taking them out move on to reach an area with dead Covenants, you can swap your pistol for the Shotgun if you are playing in Easy mode, it is much more better. Move pass the fallen Spirit and make your way through the small hill next to it, there should be some Covenants, take them out. Make your way through the huge tree's root, if you ever lost your way just look for the lights on the floor, they should guide you. Keep moving on the tree's root or trunk until you reach a checkpoint beside a shade turret.

A small combat is being taking place just ahead of you, after the sole marine dies take out the Grunts and Jackals, you can perform melee on them to save ammo, don't worry about your health. If you avoided well, the energy shield should recharge in seconds.

Now you can go through two ways, the first one which is dropping over a cliff, will bring you back to point zero where you were dropped in the first place. The second one is going into what appears to be a tunnel. After that get in the left and activate it, after reaching the room in the lower level get off the lift. Now move slowly to small chamber that holds five or six Grunts and jackals, melee them all before they open the door nearby. You can use a frag grenade if you felt outnumbered. Get in the second room and take a cover, use your Pistol if you still have it to snipe nearby Jackals and perform a melee on the rest of the Grunts. Or simply use any weapon available, resupply from the fallen Covenants' weapons and get to the next room. There will be a couple of locked doors in the current chamber, take the one opposite to the one you came from. The next room will contain two or three Jackals, kill them and open the next door, signs for Floods will start to appear. A dozen of Covenants horribly murdered by the Floods, get to the next room. There will be nothing in the current room but a ditched Needlers, get to the next room and into the one where a Marine orders you to stay back. Don't get all nice now, shoot him because he will, or walk away.
A Jackal murdered by a Flood

Make your way to the burning corner and jump up, keep moving to the door on the upper level and access the next room, there you will be on the second level of the previous room that contained ditched Needlers. Activate the Energy bridge and walk through the blasted door, after you reach what appears to be a control room, get to a small tunnel and pick up the Health Packs and open the door downwards. A cutscene will trigger introducing the Floods and how they killed the marines. Captian Keyes and Avery Johnson will be seen in this cutscene too.

[edit] Part 2: The Flood

After watching the cutscene a horde of Floods will bust through the door opposing you and will start charging against you, take them out with the Assault Rifle and always stay away from them, keep a distance. Use a grenade when you are trapped or out of ammo, a couple of waves of Floods will arrive. Be really careful and tactic, never rush fro no reason and spray ammo without aiming will. A couple of huge Flood form will dash in, stay away from them and aim for their chest.
The Flood aren't deadly because of their strength, they are really weak in terms of enduring damage, but it is amount and their odd shape that gives them strength. Now make your way back to the room with that energy bridge and drop to the first level, you will see Covenants and Floods battling, the Covenants will be dead in seconds. After taking out the dozen of Elite fromed Flood, move to the next room. Since your objective is to escape, you can run from where you are to where you were, that is the entrance of this facility. Get in the next room and take out the Flood, climb through the purple Covenant objects to the second floor and open the door. In the next room pick up the Health Packs and get to the next room. Take out any remaining Floods and get in the elevator, when you reach the bottom room quickly jump out and run from the Floods trying to surround you. Shoot them and avoid any contact. After they are all dead head to the purple crates and pick up the Overshield, in the next room you will find some Marines and lots of Floods. Keep clearing the rooms that fallows and use the same tactic, keep a distance and aim for the chest. Eventually you will reach another two-floored room with an energy bridge, full with marines and Flood corpses, resupply if necessary and move to the next room. Again, take out any Flood that stands in your way and move to the next area. Keep moving through repeated rooms that will really annoy you, but keep moving until you reach a huge room with ammunitions. Jump on the concrete box that contains ammunitions and a dead marine and Jackal, then jump again to the second floor. In the next room activate the energy bridge and take out another wave of Elite formed Floods, then go into the elevator room and get in the left and activate it. Echo 419 will contact you in a while, regroup with the survivor marines and exit the structure at last. Fallow the marine and take out the Floods outside, move until you reach another structure where you meet 343 Guilty Spark, the monitor of Installation 04 and will teleport you to the next level, The Library.

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