Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence, aslo known as A.I. or AI, is a highly advanced technology witnessed throughout the Halo Universe. It is seen in Forerunners bots such as the Halos Monitors. It was then developed by the human UNSC, and creating a further advanced AI tech known as "Smart" AI such as Cortana. Some are functioned to navigate complex battleships, and others functioned as mentors and teachers such as Déjà who was the first AI that the Master Chief met at the SPARTAN-II Program.


The Ancillas are a form of artificial intelligence originally created and used by the ancient species the Forerunners. There are several varities of ancillas, ranging from those present in Monitors to ones present in Forerunner body armors. The ancilla are capable of controlling entire ships, though they must always head to the commands of their 'master'. They could also provid information to Forerunners about places, people and objects where necessary. In the book Halo: Cryptum, the young Forerunner describes the ancilla as a blue lady at the back of his mind. They could be considered intelligent AI's as they exhibit bbehavioural patterns beyond the scope of 'normal' AI's.

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