[edit] Overview

A multiplayer map from Halo 2, Ascension was another one of the most popular maps for a lot of different reason. It was a base, floating in the middle of the sky. Complete with Banshee pads, floating platforms, sniper nests, teleporters and sky-walkways.

[edit] Map details

Ascension was a 1 sided map. It had one base, elevated from the rest of the map. There was a large dish in the middle. Some sort of Covenant structure, no doubt. The map was very suited to neutral objective games or slayer, both team and FFA variants. The elevated base lent itself very well to neutral objective games. It was more than likely that if you were to see Ascension on your playlist, you were either slaying or playing Assault, Neutral Flag or 1 Flag. The base was well suited for these game types as the defenders had an elevated position with only a couple of entrances, whereas the attackers had the entire map to snatch weapon spawns and see right up into the base above.

[edit] Weapons

As well as the usual SMG, Battle Rifle, and Magnums, the power weapons and equipment that spawned on Ascension were as follows:

    • Rocket Launcher - Spawned beneath the map. The player needed to take a leap of faith off of the platform below the Sniper nest. This would drop him or her onto a small platform where the Rockets spawned, complete with a teleporter to get you back up.
    • Sniper Rifle - Spawned on a small ledge, down a ways from the Sniper nest. Handy for picking off people spawning in the base, as the Sniper nest was on the same height level as the base.
    • Active Camouflage - Spawned on a walkway underneath the Banshee pad, which was straight across from the Sniper nest. This was a must for objective games, as it spawned on the walkway that lead up to the back way into the base on the map.

[edit] Glitches

[edit] Super Jump

There is a particularly useful super bounce in Ascension. The spot is simple to find. If you go into the base and look straight out the front door, down toward the big bowl. Start walking down the ramp and turn left at the bottom of the ramp, before the bowl. Follow the ramp all the way down and to the left. In front of you, you will see a rock formation that you can run up. Go halfway up the ramp, and off to the left side, where the map drops off, you will see a small indent in the rock that you can land in if you're a good shot. This is the tricky part. You have to jump off the rock formation, crouch, and aim for the indent in the rock, all at the same time. If you miss, you'll fall off the map and have to try again. If you hit it though, proceed to the next step.

Once you're in the indent, keep crouched and walking forward. Much like almost every other super jump, from now on, you have to keep pressing forward on the analogue stick until you complete the jump, otherwise you'll have to start over.

Look down while you're walking forward and aim yourself so you'll land on solid ground when you jump out. Let go of crouch and jump. Once you land, run forward and up the ramp ahead of you. Turn into the platform where the sniper rifle spawns and jump over the edge, so you land back on the level you just ran up from. If you hit the ground on the right spot, you will be launched up into the air.

This jump is particularly useful because it will launch you up into the air, high enough to land on the big structure over the sniper nest. This spot is a great tactical advantage over the rest of the map. It allows you to sniper or use long range weapons, as well as take cover if someone spots you and returns fire. Use it wisely.

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