Assault (Gametype)

Assault is a team-based objective gametype from the Halo video game series.


[edit] Objective

The objective of Assault is to take the bomb to the opposition's base, plant it, and then protect it while it's arming. Once the bomb goes off, the team which armed it earns a point.

[edit] Variants

[edit] Assault

The basic variation of the gametype, in which each team is given their own bomb with which to arm within their opponent's base. This means that teams must coordinate both their defense and offense, as you must score while the other team attempts to do the same.

[edit] One Bomb

This variation is a multiple-round game in which one team at a time attempts to arm the bomb, while the other team attempts to prevent them from doing so. Once the team either scores or time runs out, the next round begins and the roles are reversed.

This gametype is typically coupled with a much shorter time limit in which to score.

[edit] Neutral Assault

There is only one bomb, but either team may pick it up. The bomb typically spawns equidistant between the two opposing bases.

[edit] Grifball

Grifball is a very popular variation of Neutral Assault, in which players spawn with Gravity Hammers as their primary weapons, and Energy Swords as their secondary weapons. It is typically played on either Foundry or Sandbox, within a small symmetrical arena. When planting the bomb, it takes only one second to arm it, making it impossible for the opposing team to disarm. This makes for very fast paced games that allows scoring to happen within an instant, but it can also create very long standoffs in which neither team scores.

The bomb carrier in Grifball is given different attributes than the other players on the field. He is given a significant overshield boost, although the Energy Swords and Gravity Hammers may still take him down rapidly. He is also given a significant speed boost, which allows him to evade the opposition to allow him to score, drawing similarities to running backs from American football. He armor is also changed to the color yellow, to make him stand out so that it is always clear who possesses the ball.

[edit] Associated Terms

[edit] Bomb Taken

The bomb will disappear from the marker where it was on the map. Once someone is holding the bomb, it's down to Spartan eyes to locate it, as there will no longer be a marker pointing it out.

[edit] Bomb Dropped

The inverse of the above. The bomb is dropped and appears as a marker on the map. This could be either down to the player holding it dying or the player needing to shoot someone, so they drop it. Either way, now you know where it is.

[edit] Bomb Returned

As it happens in 1 Flag, the bomb has been dropped and uncontested for long enough to return to the original spawn.

[edit] Bomb Contested

This means there is an enemy in the area and he or she is contesting the bomb being returned to the spawn.

[edit] Bomb Armed

This term hasn't been used since Halo 2, because in Halo 2, the area for arming the bomb was much larger. You needed to be within the area to arm the bomb. Once the bar for arming has been filled, it can then be planted.

[edit] Bomb Planted

Once the bomb has been armed, there is a place where it needs to be planted. If an armed bomb is dropped, it can still be planted by another player without needing to be armed again. Simply pick it up and arm it.

[edit] Sudden Death

This means that the time in the round has run out, but someone is still either contesting the bomb pr hiding with it. The only way Sudden Death can be finished is if the player holding the bomb is killed, the bomb is planted or the bomb is returned. A dirty tactic from Halo 2 was to Super Bounce outside the map while holding the bomb. This would make the entire team get tired of waiting for the round to be over, they would leave, and the dirty team would attain a win and experience points.

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