Assault On The Control Room

Assault On The Control Room is the fifth campaign level in Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, it follows the level of The Silent Cartographer. After activating the Halo map, the Master Chief and Cortana will get into the innermost section of the The Silent Cartographer on the Echo 419.

This level is very long in term of objectives and length, it got a lot of weapons to use and variety of vehicles, and there is load of Covenant troops ranging from Grunts to Hunters. Unlike most Levels in Halo: Combat Evolved, this level isn't linear, it got a lot of round and circle areas. It also features a snowy outdoor and lots of Forerunner structures. Using the Scorpion in this level is very helpful.


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] I Would Have Been Your Daddy

This level starts with a cutscene that has become famous in the Halo Universe. Echo 419 drops you into the pathway that is going to lead you to Halo's control room, and the Grunt running away from the Pelican was a fan favourite back at the game's release.

Once the Pelican drops you, there's an easy way to take out the initial resistance. Grenade the large door when you see it opening. This will kill any grunts and stun the Elites. While they're stunned, jump into the Shade turret and focus your fire on the big door, as there will be more elites. Once you've killed them all, go down the path through the door. It brings you through to a large circular room. An elite spawns directly to the right where you come out. Try to stick him. It will make it easy for you. Another Elite and some grunts make for easy kills in this room.

This level is kind of self explanatory. There are large white arrows on the floor that will point you in the direction you want to go. On the opposite side of the room where you came in, the first white arrow will illuminate the way you need to go. Once you follow the first few arrows, you will be brought out onto a large bridge. Looking back now, Halo players will realise that this bridge is more than likely the inspiration for the Halo 3 mulitplayer map, Narrows. There will be a Shade turret on each side of the door on the bridge. The bridge will be mainly populated with sleeping grunts to start with. If you're stealthy about it, you can take out the grunts without waking them with melee attacks.

After that, you will see a Banshee flying over the bridge. You can use your pistol to take this down with a clip or so of shots, or you can get in the turret and take it down. After that, there will be several waves of enemies on the bridge, above and below. As you fight your way across the bridge, more enemies will come out of the door at the opposite end of the bridge, and there will be enemies occupying the Shade turrets at the doors. Take them all out to proceed.

You will come out into a room the same as the one you just came from. You can get easily turned around on this level so be careful. Take out the grunts and some Hunters will spawn. Use the same tactics that you would usually use to take them out. Shoot them in their glowing orange exposed parts.

When you've taken them out, you need to follow the glowing arrows on the floor, otherwise you'll find yourself turned around and going in the direction you came. This corridor will lead you to an elevator, but be careful. Another Hunter is stalking the Hallway and can take you by surprise if you don't have your wits about you. The Elevator will lead you to yet another big circular room. Like the last one, you have a chance to stealthily take out a lot of the grunts occupying the room. If you choose the silent option, you can then stick the unsuspecting Elite with a Plasma Grenade. Once all the resistance has been cleared, you will find your last enclosed corridor of the level, and it will lead out into a large open area with a battle already raging between Covenant and UNSC forces.

This battle is the first time you'll encounter very heavy Covenant resistance in the game. Not only is there Shade turrets and Elites/Jackals/Grunts. You will also be faced by a Wraith at first. When you exit the door to the field, head left and kill the grunt in the Shade. You'll see an upended Warthog. Around the Warthog you will see a Rocket Launcher and a Sniper Rifle. Grab both, you will need them. Flip the Warthog and get in. Once you move over to the rocks on the left side of the clearing, you'll find more rocket ammo, so use your Rocket Launcher from here to take shots at the Wraith. When the Wraith is dealt with, a Ghost will attack you. Either take it out with your Rockets or shoot the driver out and steal it.

At the rear of the clearing you will find a Scorpion tank. Hop into it and take Sgt. Johnson with you. He has a sniper rifle and is usually pretty accurate with it. He's definitely more help than more NPCs. Make sure to stock up on rockets and sniper ammo from the upturned warthog. A Pelican will drop more reinforcements who will help you by hopping onto the side of your Scorpion. Head down into the cave at the back of the clearing to continue.

On the other side of the cave, you will meet more heavy covenant armour. Several ghosts and a Wraith at first. After those, you'll see a huge mouth of a cave and when you head towards it, you will be attacked by a Banshee. There is some equipment and ammo lying around, but you don't need any of it when you have the scorpion. If you're playing Co-op, you might want to think about having your friend grab the Active Camouflage. If not, don't bother leaving your scorpion. Continue to go down into the cave once you've finished in the clearing.

Hit the button at the bottom of the ramp to open the big door. Once inside, you will enter a giant atrium, complete with 2 bridges and plenty of enemies. At first, you should shoot the shade turrets with your Scorpion. Either destroy them or knock them off the bridge into the crevice. On the other side of the bridge, you will encounter more Covenant troops, accompanied by 2 Hunters. Shouldn't pose much of a threat with your Scorpion at hand. Open the door at the other side of the bridge via the control beside the gate, then you're through to the next segment of the level.

[edit] Rolling Thunder

As you round the corner in your Scorpion, you will be faced with 2 Ghosts, some Elites and some Grunts. Up the rocky hill a bit, there will be a few more jackals. Again, your Scorpion will make short work of them all. As you come to the top of the cave, you will see a Covenant Dropship coming in to land. Try to stay below the line of sight of the Dropship, because if it sees you, you will take fire from it. On any difficulty other than normal, this would be a problem.

Once the Dropship has dropped it's cargo, feel free to let a lot of it come into the cave to you so you can take them out. Going up to meet them can make you the center of attention for a lot of fire, and naturally, you want to avoid this as much as possible. When you come up into the clearing, take out any Shade Turrets that are elevated above your position, and as you advance, more elites will come out from the installation in the middle of the clearing. Last, but not least, there is a Wraith, accompanied by 2 Elites at the very back of the clearing, and when they've been eradicated, 2 Hunters and 2 Elites will spawn around you, and a Banshee will come in at any time. No meager amount of enemies by any stretch of the imagination.

Once yo ucome through to the next clearing, you will be greeted by a spiral rock formation that leads down into a small valley. Before you go down, take out any Covenant at the rock on your right as you pass. When you head down the rock formation, another Dropship will come in with enemy reinforcements. A good trick with this is to reverse down the spiral in the tank until you see the dropship spawn, then go back up. The time it takes you to get back up will be about the same time as it takes for the dropship to open up. Kill it's passengers then go down and grab some ammo and health from the destroyed Warthog if you need it. This is the point where you lose your Scorpion, as you meet with a cave that's too small for the tank to fit through. You can, however, fit a Warthog or Ghost through, so if you've come this far in either or you want to grab the Warthog at hand, feel free. You will be attacked by Elites with Active Camouflage and Energy Swords, as well as some elites and grunts.

The clearing on the other side of the cave is infested with Shade Turrets, Ghosts, Wraiths, Banshees, Elites, Jackals and Grunts. So be prepared for a long battle. A Ghost is a handy vehicle to use to dish out some punishment, and after you've killed them all, go to the back of the clearing and you will see a familiar style large door with a glowing arrow on the ground instructing you where to go.

The familiar hallway will bring you into yet another large multi sided room with a lot of sleeping grunts. Take this very stealthily and you will have a very easy time. Take out the Grunts at the door with melee attacks so as not to take up their comrades. There should be a Red Elite around the entrance too. Take him out with a melee. Now you have to be extra careful. Do not fire or walk into any sleeping grunts. Make your way into the middle of the large room, but watch your motion tracker. You will see a moving red dot. This is another patrolling Elite. Wait until he's walking away from you and surprise him with an asassination. After that, it's as simple as sweeping the entire inner and outer circle to take out all the sleeping Grunts. Follow the arrows on the floor again to take you to an elevator. This will lead back upstairs. Be careful of the waiting jackal at the top of the shaft.

There will be another group of Jackals outside the door at the top of the shaft. Grenade those for easy crown control and continue out to another room like the large circular room you just came from. There is a wall at one side when you come out, so this leaves you only one way to navigate the room. Be careful of the grunts and jackals as you first enter the room and the Yellow Elite stalking the center of the room. Snipe him to take him out quickly if you still have the sniper rifle. This room in general is pretty much the same as the rest. Take out the Jackals and Grunts that are left after the Elites and leave through the door indicated by the glowing arrows. This will bring you out to another bridge, similar to the one you crossed earlier in the level.

The bridge will have 3 sleeping grunts on either side of the door when you come out. Melee them for quick kills. There is a twist with this bridge though. It runs parallel with another bridge, which is packed full of Grunts. Always try to take out the ones that are ahead of you on the bridge so you don't have to worry about protecting your side as well as your front. Take out the Elites and Jackals ahead of you while killing the grunts to your side, then continue on across the bridge. At the last barrier on the bridge, the door will open and a squad of 2 elites, 2 grunts and one active camo elite will come out. Once you've dealt with those, head into yet another large circular room. There are 4 elites in this room, which you can either try to stick, or take them out with regular gunfire.

A long hallway will link this circular room with another one. The connecting hallway will be populated with Grunts and Jackals. Use the corner coming into the hallway for cover and take them all out, then when you continue into the second circular room, you will face a slightly different interior. The outer circle will still be packed with one or two elites and some grunts and jackals, but there will be an upper level to the inner circle, accessible by a ramp on either side. A good tactic is to use the ramp as cover, and let the elites and grunts at the top see you, then move to the other side of the ramp to catch them by surprise.

Now here comes a tricky part. When you exit the next doorway, you will be brought onto another pair of parallel bridges. This time, your bridge will have Grunts, Jackals and Elites. The tricky part is the other bridge this time. It will have 2 Hunters gunning for you on it. Try to use the large concrete part in front of you as you exit onto the bridge as a shield. Take out any enemies on your bridge from here. If you have no precision weapons, you will have to run from the Hunters. If you have your Pistol or Rocket Launcher still, you can make short work of them with those weapons. Once you've cleared up the last of the invisible elites and reinforcements, head into the hallway at the back of the bridge and into another large circular room. This one will be packed with just Jackals and Grunts. Easy enough to take out with some well placed grenades and pistol shots. This room is so lightly defended because of the hallway at the back. It will be full of invisible elites and regular red and blue elites. Taking them out should be easy enough if you still have your rockets and/or pistol. Save your rockets, though, because there will be 2 hunters in the next large circular room.

Now the fun begins. There is active camo in this room. Do NOT take it until you have killed the Hunters and killed the grunts at the exit door. Once you've done that, grab the camo and run out. You will see why when you exit the hallway...

[edit] If I had a Superweapon...

When you exit, expecting to see another bridge, I'm sure, you will be surprised to find a large rock walkway with some sleeping grunts and patrolling elites. While you're in your camo, stick the Elite and make a break for the waiting Banshee. Get into the Banshee and use it to destroy the other Banshee before the Elite gets into it. This will minimise the resistance while you're flying around, but the resistance will still roll in. Multiple Banshees will spawn. Hunters will spawn on the rocks you just took off from and a Wraith will shoot at you from the ground level. Naturally, you're in a Banshee, so you can fly away and just take out the other Banshees if you want. Keep circling around to take out any Elites, Banshees, Wraiths, Ghosts and Hunters. Once you do that, return to the bridge where you took off from and approach the opposite door. If you forgot which door you came out of, the one you want to go in is the one that has multiple Hunters and Elites behind it. Use your Banshee to take these out and then exit the Banshee and go into the Hallway.

Follow the route back through the familiar looking large circular rooms, taking out any enemies as you go. Compared to the previous rooms, you will only encounter light resistance here. This room will lead to an elevator, and the elevator will lead to the same alternate circular room as before, only this time, there will be a lot of ammo for your rocket launcher and human weapons at the top of the ramps. Follow the door out to the ground level.

Now is where your work in the Banshee pays off. If you've killed all the Covenant on the ground with the Banshee, when you exit, the new forces will be asleep. This is the only point in the game you will see a sleeping Hunter. Take out the Grunts with melee attacks, then go up the ramp to see the first Hunter. One shot in the back with the Pistol will do it. ONLY one shot. If you fire any more, the Hunter on the other end of the ramp will wake up. A second sneaky tactic with this section is to walk down the big crevice in the ground, the njump up on the large slanted beam and run up it. You'll be able to get all the way up and Snipe any Covenant on the ramps there. Once you've killed them, go back to the ground floor and take a Ghost. When you take the Ghost all the way up, you'll see why you need the firepower. Take out the Grunts and Jackals with the Ghosts guns. When you get to the top, there will be a few Hunters waiting for you. This is why you want the Ghost. Take them out with the Ghost. You can try to run them over, but it's tricky with a Ghost.

The large door in front of you is where you need to go. Naturally, expect a lot of Covenant behind the doors. You can press the button to open the door, then retreat up the ramp where the Hunters came from for some cover. Use your Rockets and Sniper if you still have them, for best effect. They will make short work of the Elites and Grunts. Then there will be a Yellow Sword Elite to finish off the group.

Cortana: "Scanning. All Covenant forces in the area have been eliminated. Lets continue to Halo's Control Room"

And that's you finished "Assault on the Control Room". Next up: 343 Guilty Spark.

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