[edit] Assembly

Overview of Assembly.

Assembly is one of the maps that was released in the Mythic Pack for Halo 3. It is another map with a very symmetrical feel to it, more created with objectives in mind as apposed to slayer gametypes. The map is a Covenant style map, based clearly upon covenant technologies. The map is very reminiscent of Midship from Halo 2, which had it's remake in Halo 3's mythic pack also as Heretic. The map is balanced in it's weapon spawns, even though it seems there are more Covenant weapons. There is an even amount of Covenant and Human Heavy Weapons. One of each, as it's a fairly small map. As well as it's equipment spawns, this map is a well balanced map with an emphasis for Objective play.

[edit] Weapon & equipment

[edit] Regular weapons

[edit] Equipment

[edit] Health Regenerator

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The Health Regenerator is located on one of the platforms at the edge of the map. Directly across the map from the Bubble Shield.

[edit] Bubble shield

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The Bubble shield is located on the same style platform as the Health Regen, only on the other side of the map.

[edit] Active Camouflage

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The active camo is not instantly noticable on this map. In the center of the map you will find a downward gravity lift, and you will collect the camo when you jump in to go down. The lift brings you right out at the Gravity Hammer. Active Camo and a Hammer? A deadly mixture.

[edit] Heavy weapons

[edit] Gravity Hammer

Gravity Hammer Spawn

The Gravity Hammer is the focal point of this map. It is right in the middle of the map, leaving it right in the thick of the action most of the time. Grabbing it on such a tight quarters map will surely lead to that familir creak of a can of whoop-ass being ripped open.

[edit] Rockets

Assembly Rocket Spawn

The Rocket Launcher spawns in a more inconspicuous place on Assembly than the Gravity Hammer does. These are the only 2 Heavy weapons on this map, so control them wisely. You can access the Rockets either by climbing up the side of the tower they are perched on, or hitching a ride up on the gravity lift. It's a quicker way up, but it's also a more obvious way up, which could lead to somebody spotting you and getting the jump on you, leaving you rocketless. And dead.

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