Avalanche is large multiplayer map in Halo 3 from the Legendary Map Pack. It resembles the map Sidewinder from the first Halo game. It is a very vehicle-based map and has a large selection of power weapons as well. It is regarded as the best Halo 3 map.


[edit] Vehicles

Avalanche features a large selection of vehicles. The defenders recieve on their side a Wraith, a Ghost, 2 Choppers, and a Banshee. The Attackers receive on their side a Scorpion, 2 Mongooses, 2 Warthogs, and a downgraded Hornet.

[edit] Weapons

Avalanche also features a large number of power weapons. Including:

[edit] Equipment and Powerup Items

[edit] Strategies

For Slayer games on Avalanche, it is very essential to control the power weapons on the map. Possibly the most important thing to control is the Spartan Laser. It is often rushed for in the beginning of the game. Its an important weapon to have at all times due to its efficiency towards destroying enemy vehicles. Without it, it is futile to try and control the vehicles on the map. Once it is in the hands of a reliable teammate, it is time to take control of the vehicles. Use the tanks to destroy the vehicles the opposing team has at their base, only allowing for your teammates to use them. In a large map like this, people on the same team often spawn in the same areas, so it is important to have vehicles covering all possible spawning locations for total control of the map.

For objective games, such as Capture the Flag and Assault, it is necessary to use a large amount of team work. Without communication between teammates, achieving anything is impossible. Utilize the vehicles for transporting players retrieving the enemy flag, or going in to bomb the base. Remember that there is a teleporter in both the bases that allows you to go towards the edge of the map. Have a person waiting in a transport vehicle, such as a Warthog, Hornet, or Mongoose to take the person with the objective item where he needs to go from the teleporter. There's also a large mancannon next to the teleporter from which he can travel into the middle of the map. Utilizing this will make getting around the map for objective targets.

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