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Backwash was another map that was released as Downloadable Content for Halo 2. It was a relatively small and sometimes confusing map. As you can see from the thumbnail, it is set in a sort of forest. A flood-infested forest. The fog on the map is really dense, so unless you knew the map fairly well, it was easy to get turned around into wondering why you've seen that same gnarled tree four times in the last minute.

It was a circular map, with a structure in the middle that held, if I'm not mistaken, the energy sword. While the sword may seem like a powerful ally in this map, it was more of a hindrance than a help. Because of the fog, it was simple to spot a player with a sword coming long before they'd see you, leaving it easy to get the jump on them, where their sword won't help them at all.

It was mostly a slayer type map. Team SWAT was exceptionally fun to play, because of the limited view on the map, it was a tense game when played on Backwash. The fog gave the game that extra bit of depth that no other map had previously attained.

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