Seating CapacityOne (Pilot)
Primary Weapon SystemsTwo front-mounted plasma cannons
Auxiliary Weapon SystemsOne Fuel Rod Cannon
Auxiliary FunctionsSpeed Boost
SpeedVery High

The Banshee is the Covenant equivalent of the UNSC Hornet. It was designed to be a light, nimble assault craft, and handles accordingly. In place of the Hornet's extra side-seats, the Banshee sports two aerodynamically superior anti-gravity pods. These are located on the end of either wing and are what enable the craft to move without jet propulsion. The Banshee is outfitted with two forward-facing plasma turrets for light targets, and a single fuel-rod cannon, which is also known as the Banshee Bomb, for taking out enemy vehicles. Due to the Banshee's light armor, it is extremely susceptible to explosives such as missiles or plasma grenades. The pilot who will be assumed to take control of the Banshee will have to take a lay on stomach position when flying this, the feet or the end of the pilot can be seen from a small opening, which is a critical target to take down the Banshee.


[edit] Build

As previously stated, the Banshee was primarily built as a one manned, or, to be more specific, one covenant assault vehicle. It's light and low flying nature allows it to get in and out from behind enemy lines, even without it's boost function. Because it flies so low, it is not detectable on any large scale enemy radar. Ground troops' motion trackers can easily pick them up.

[edit] Weaponry

To go more into detail about the weapons that were mentioned earlier, the two forward mounted plasma cannons are fully automatic and fire in an alternating manner when the pilot pulls the trigger. They did not always fire in this manner though. In Halo: Combat Evolved, the Banshee's cannons had two distinct differences. For one, they fired simultaneously, meaning that the constant and unrelenting fire that the newer banshees are capable of was not there. Further to that, their rate of fire was much slower than future iterations of the Banshee.

The Banshee Bomb was the Banshee's secondary weapon. It was never used by the AI enemies in the game, but if they had ever used it, it would have most definitely meant the game's difficulty would have sky rocketed. The Banshee bomb is a forward mounted plasma thrower. It is a cannon that fires concentrated burst of high charged plasma. It is very explosive and is deadly to ground troops and armour alike. The Banshee Bomb was available to use in Halo 1's multiplayer, but not in Halo 2's. Then, in Halo 3, it was available to use in Multiplayer again. It is also usable in Halo Reach's multiplayer.

[edit] Tactics

The Banshee is most definitely an offensive moreso than a defensive vehicle.

[edit] Offense

The Banshee should always be used as an offensive vehicle. It has none of the merits that some other vehicles do that lend themselves to defensive play like heavy armour or the ability to carry passenger. It should always be leading the assault or supporting the assault. It's maneuverability will allow you to dodge and weave any enemy fire, be it from guns, explosives or rockets. The Banshee can successfully dive in an out of cover with a talented pilot at the helm and deal all sorts of damage to an enemies base.

Using it's evade roll feature and the Banshee bomb for larger vehicles like the Scorpion or Wraith and the plasma turrets for any ground forces will see you destroying the enemy in no time.

[edit] Defensive

The Banshee pretty much fails at defense. It has no heavy armour, it has no capacity for carrying reinforements, so defense it pretty much a no-no for the Banshee. Use it for offense, or only for defense as a last resort.

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