Beaver Creek

Red Base

[edit] Overview

Beaver Creek is a map from Halo 2's multiplayer. It is a remake of the map Battle Creek from Halo: Combat Evolved. It is a mid sized outdoor map, set on one of the Halo Ring Wolds. It's comprised of 2 bases in very close proximity to eachother, separated only by a small stream with a big rock formation breaking the line of sight between each base.

[edit] Weapons and Equipment

    • Overshield - Spawns in the tiny cave at the base of the stream. Players would often scramble for the OS at the start of the round, as it provided a quick upper hand at the start of a battle.
    • Rocket Launcher - The rockets spawn at the top of the big rock formation in the middle of the map. It can be reached by either running up the rock formation, or by running up through the cave at the Red Base spawn.

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