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Blackout is a remake of the hugely popular Halo 2 map Lockout. It is the only map in the game to actually be featured at night with a full moon in the sky. It was released along with Avalanche and Ghost Town in the Legendary Map Pack.


[edit] Weapons

Blackout's weapons include:

[edit] Equipment and Powerup Items

[edit] Strategies

Blackout is played very similar to the way Lockout was played in Halo 2. The only differences now are the power balances of the weapons, and the inclusion of equipment items. It's popular Team Slayer map, just like it's predecessor. Controlling the power weapons on this map is very important. Its usually best to control one area of the map, only traveling to other areas to pick up newly respawned weapons. Controlling the sniper tower is a popular strategy in slayer games. From here, you can see the majority of the map while also controlling the Sniper Rifle spawn. It's important to have one person control the Sniper Rifle, while the others make sure no one manages to enter into the sniper tower by using short range weapons like the Energy Sword and Shotgun. Having a team take over the sniper tower can reverse the outcome of the game very easily. There is many ways to enter the sniper tower, including from the elbow, top-middle, and bottom-middle. If your trying to claim the sniper tower from the opposing team, start from the top, not the bottom. You can jump from the edge of the top-middle onto the sniper ramp by crouch jumping from the lip of the map, it often takes people by surprise. From the end of elbow ramp, you can crouch-jump up onto a ledge connected to the second level of the sniper tower, and then jump from there onto the second level of the sniper tower, which also often takes people by surprise. Its important to take the team from all angles when invading the sniper tower.

[edit] Call Outs

Call outs are what you yell if you've spotted an enemy and need to inform your allies on where they are or if you had died and need to tell them where the person who killed you is. When mentioning a place that is multi-layered, most people say a number as in the level of which they are in. These are commonly used in team games such as: Team Slayer, Flag, and Assault. Here are the call outs for this map:

  • Bottom Lift
  • Top Lift
  • Library
  • Sword Spawn
  • Shotgun Spawn
  • Bottom Middle
  • Top Middle
  • Sniper Tower 1 or S1
  • Sniper Tower 2 or S2
  • Sniper Tower 3 or S3
  • Elbow
  • Battle Rifle Tower 1 or BR1 or B1
  • Battle Rifle Tower 2 or BR2 or B2
  • Battle Rifle Tower 3 or BR3 or B3

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