View of Boneyard from Halo: Reach

Boneyard is a multiplayer map from the video game Halo: Reach. It is one of four maps that debuted in the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta. In the beta, it is the map used for the gametypes Invasion and Invasion Slayer. The map is relatively very large and has both open and enclosed areas in which to play.

An important note to make on this page is that all the weapon and vehicle spawns noted on this page have been recorded from a Beta version of the game. All spawns are subject to change in the final version.


[edit] Map Phases

[edit] Phase 1

Boneyard is Halo's flagship map for their new Invasion game type. Because of the long nature of Invasion games, the maps that it's played on need to be on a much larger scale than any map that we've seen in Halo before. Boneyard is a fine example of this. The map is split into three distinct parts. In a regular Invasion game, the Elites will spawn in a construction site, the first part, facing an under-construction Warship, the second part, much like the Pillar of Autumn from Halo: Combat Evolved. After the Warship, there is a base beyond the opposite side of the ship.

The area before the warship in itself is almost as big as some of the other maps in the older games. It's a construction yard, littered with giant steel wire spools and concrete barriers. There's also a few metal casings that are large enough to walk into for cover. The reason for the cover is because the map has been specifically made with Invasion in mind, and the Spartans ((who spawn inside the ship)) can see right out of the side of the half-constructed ship, into the Elites spawn. The Elites need the cover to save them being spawn killed by the overlooking Spartans.

[edit] Phase 2

The second phase of this map is the Warship itself. There are 3 different staircases up into the Warship from underneath. The upper level of the ship is only accessible by stairs, making it fairly easy to know where the enemy is going to be coming from if you're on the Spartan defensive side of the map. There is a back section to the Warship that is only accessible when the third part of the map is open. You go through the back doors and you drop off the ship into the other side of the Construction yard.

[edit] Phase 3

The second part to the Construction yard has the base in it. This is where the Core is held that the Spartans are trying to protect during an Invasion game type. The base is heavily armed, because when you reach this part, the game is in full swing and the Elites have stronger loadouts to choose from. The Spartans have access to a Spartan Laser, a Rocket Launcher and a Sniper Rifle from inside the base. By this time there will be vehicles spawning outside the human base, inside their spawn so the enemy can't hijack them as they spawn. Covenant vehicles will also be available back at Phase 1 of the map by this time.

All in all, Boneyard is a huge map, purpose-built for the newest type of gametype in Halo: Reach, Invasion.

[edit] Weapons

The weapons which are available from map spawns are as follows, this does not take into account Load-out spawns:

[edit] Vehicles

This is a strange one. The map is so large, yet there are no default vehicle spawns on it. It's built for longer game types, ones that will have vehicle spawns as the game progresses through set phases, but none spawn on the map to begin with.

In the second and third phase of Invasion, Ghosts, Wraiths and Banshees will spawn on the Covenant side of the map, while Scorpions and Warthogs will spawn on the human base side. As you can see, every vehicle in the game will eventually spawn as the game goes on, but technically, the game could finish in the first phase and have no vehicles spawned on the map. It's for this reason you can see my hesitance to say that this map has every vehicle in the game spawning on it in this Beta phase.

[edit] Strategy

[edit] Phase One


Defending in the first phase as the SPARTANS can be quite rewarding if teamwork and map awareness are used by all members of the team. The SPARTANS spawn in an area overlooking the construction yard below. It gives a great vantage point where teams can scout the opposing elites and even pick them off as they advance. The first thing you want to do is collect the two DMR's that are placed in the area. The first one can be found just as you drop down from the above area behind a wall and right in front of the first aid kit (centre of the area). The other DMR is placed towards the very front of the first area looking over the construction yard and placed against one of the middle pylons. The DMR's are a great weapon to slow down the Elite advancement, giving your team valuable time to preapare and also netting you a few kills in the process. Beware of plasma grenades and the needle rifle as you attempt to shooot the Elites as they will easily overwhelm the two DMR users, don't be afraid to go into cover or retreat back to help defend. This is also the time where you should be looking to see where the Elites are going to attaack from. There are two main points of attack for the Elites. The right side where the cliff is and the left where the bridge is. If it seems that the Elites are all attacking one side then send all but one SPARTAN to that side. One player should reamin towards the centre just in case one of the Elites decides to change their mind and attack the other side.

The left hand side is probably the more difficult of the two sides to defend. As you look to the left of the main area you will see the floor begin to descend to a fairly open area. There are two entrances to either side and a staircase in the centre. There are a few vantage points on the left side that players may like to exploit when trying to defend. Where the two entrances are you will see two walls at either side and one wall in the centre. SPARTANS can be placed here crouching and waiting to assassinate Elites unaware of your position. This will leave players in this position open to attack from the centre staircase. So a SPARTAN may like to place themselves in a position overlooking the top of the staircase protecting the other SPARTAN(s). All of the remaining SPARTANs protecting the left side should be in the main area close to the left objective. These SPARTANs should be out of sight from the Elites coming up the left hand side unless assisting the SPARTANs further down the left near the entrances and stairs.

On the right hand side SPARTANs defending this area (if the elites are attacking the right hand side) will see a single staircase leading to a lower level. Towards the rear of the spawning area you will also find a wallkway that leads to the an entrance on the left. This area connects to the staircase on the right hand side and is on the same level as the bottom of those stairs. This gives the Elites a total of 2 points of attack from the right hand side to use, 1 less than the left hand side. In this sense the right hand side is mostly easier to defend, but once overwhelmed it is very difficult to push back the elites to protect the objective. There are a few good vantage points on the right side like the left. The first one can be found underneath the staircase, you will see a very small area big enough to fit a crouching SPARTAN. Once set up the SPARTAN will be able to take care of a few Elites coming up from the centre walkway. Another SPARTAN can be placed on the wall aligned with the top of the staircase. This wall leads almost all the way to the rear of the area where the SPARTANS spawn. Here the SPARTAN should have a clear view of the objective. A few well placed grenades will easily take care of any Elites who have pushed through to the right objective. The remaining SPARTANs should place themselves between the two objectives looking at the top of the stairwell on the right. If needed these players can also provide support to the left hand side should they be overwhelmed.

If the Elites are attacking both points at the same time it is usually best to have 3 on each side. If there are two quite capable players on your team it may be possible to only send those two players to the right side whilst the remining 4 players take care of the left hand side. At some point of the round things will get quite jumbled. it is important to remain balanced to ensure that one side is not overwhelmed. Also remember trhat grenades are a good way of taking care of Elites in the objectives without having to actually go into the area.


Attacking in the first phase on boneyard with the Elites is quite difficult, simply because there are few spots to hide from the unrelenting fire coming from the SPARTANS overlooking the construction yard. The best thing to do is to quickly decide as a team which point you are attacking (or both) then commiting to that side. You may wish to pick up a needler rifle on your way. One is found in front of each of the spawn points for the Elites. The one closest to the cliff is behind the cross looking cover. The middle needler rifle is behind the tube looking cover point. The final needler rifle can be found on the left hand side of the bridge as you approach the objective from the right hand side. These can be used, along with well placed plasma grendaes, to push the SPARTANs back. Carefully avoid the DMR and pistol fire until you reach your chosen side.

The right hand side where the bridge is can be extremely difficult to pass through. It may be best when attacking this side to have at least 4 elites dedicated to the task. On the right you will quickly come across a tall staircase leading to the objective area. Before entering the top of the stairs the first Elite in line should spin around to make sure there are no SPARTANS placed in the area overlooking the top of the stairs waiting to pounce. You will now be in an area with two entrances leading to the main area where the objectives are. For the first attempt and to help scout out the enemy have one Elite from each team of two remain in the area whilst the other two or more Elites go through the two walkways this way if the Elites that go through are overhwlemed they can respawn to an area very close to where they were last killed and away from the danger of SPARTANs trying to kill you as you spawn in the construction yard. Once your team has detremined where the SPARTANs are hiding and have been removed from their hiding postions it is time to attack. When attacking make sure to attack as one large unit far enough to avoid the spamming of grenades to take out all of your team at once. Only one Elite needs to be in the objective on the right hand side. The other Elites should be covering the right and left hand sides of the objective waiting for the SPARTAN's to return from their spawn areas. If your first attack is unsuccesful repeat the steps taken. If it seems it is not working it may be best to switch focus to the other objective on the left.

The left hand side of the map from the Elites perspective provides the least amount of cover but once you reach the stairs on the centre and to the left of the SPARTAN area it becomes much easier. Like on the right hand side you may like to keep one member from each team of two behind on the first stairs whilst the other scouts the positions of the SPARTANs on the upper levels. Once the positions of the SPARTANs are known there are a few ways of going about attacking. First there is the option of attacking all from the main staircase, this is less effective but if the SPARTANs are mostly covering the opposite side then it will be quite effective and should overwhelm the opponents quite quickly. If during scouting it is determined that there are more than a few SPARTANS on the right side then you may like to use the second access point. When at the base of the small staircase that leads to the objective you may notice that to the left there is an entrance. This entrance leads to the rear of the SPARTAN area. If timed correctly you can easily flank the waiting SPARTANs by attacking from the rear and the front. Once your team has taken control of the area proceed to protect the Elite in the objective from approaching SPARTAN's that respawn from above the area. Hopefully if done correctly on either of the two sides you should now be heading onto phase 2.

[edit] Phase 2

SPARTANs: In the next phase the difficulty level between the Elites and SPARTANs becomes reversed in many ways. Without powerful weapons for this phase the most efficient way to defend will be teamwork. As you move from the area of Phase 1 to Phase 2 you will notice a very large expanse. The debris and smaller buildings will provide sufficient cover for advancing Elites across the expanse. The best place to defend, therefore, will be the largest building on the furthest side of the stage. Here the SPARTANs will find a vehicle depot which for the 2nd phase will provide a warthog for use. This warthog will most likely be destroyed swiftly by incoming Elites with plasma grenades and plasma pistols at the ready. As you reach the largest building you will notice the first objective. This objective is by far the most difficult to defend. The only protection that is provided for the SPARTANs are two concrete roadblocks. For this reason instead of placing and arranging SPARTANs inside the objective it would be wiser to move them to the corridor to the left. Here you may place up to two SPARTANs who can act as a sort of last defence if the Elites should reach the first objective.

The problem with this tactic is the wraith. The Elites are given the wraith for Phase 2 making camping in a corridor unrealistic and suicidal. Unless of course you move to the end of the corridor but this will reduce combat effectiveness. To counter the wraith it really comes down to suprise attacks or waves of SPARTANs attempting to board the wraith. The priority of the team at the beginning of the phase should be to remove the wraith. With the wraith gone SPARTANs on your team will be able to move more freely and it will allow your team to place a SPARTAN in the corridor. The second SPARTAN is free to move around the area attempting to stop the Elites before they reach the first objective. Unlike the first phase, determining where the Elites will be attacking is quite difficult. The reason being is the fact that the line of sight to the elites is broken whilst in defensive positions and when your team respawns.

You will want to leave 4 SPARTANs protecting objective 1 whilst 2 protect objective 2 (which I will move onto soon). The remaining two SPARTANs for objective 1 may wish to place themselves in the following places depending on where your team requires more manpower. The bridge to the left of the expanse, the roof of the main building, hiding in the cover provided by the debris and metal sheets, the open garage area near objective 1 and finally attempting to spawn kill the elites where they spawn (not advised).

Objective two is a little easier to handle. It is inside the building itself protecting SPARTANs from mid-long range fire. The main problem with defending this objective is the sheer amount of access points the Elites have at thier disposal. As you enter the area with the 2nd objective you will notice 3 distinct levels. The top level is a sort of bridge with a staircase on the west side. The second level gives access to the corridor, the garage and the area underneath the bridge (that connects the two main buildings of the stage). For maximum efficiency you will want to place SPARTAN number 1 on the staircase leading to level 3. The 2nd SPARTAN can move freely in the area inside the building, without straying outside. Note: above objective 2 facing towards the open expanse and back to phase 1 you will notice an openiong in the roof area to the right and left. Elites may be able to get through these two doors and catch you by suprise. The SPARTAN placed on the stairs should keep an eye out on their radar for a suprise attack whilst defending.

ELITES: This phase of the match makes for quite an entertaining duel. From the Elites perspective there are several ways to capture both the alpha and bravo objectives. The first thing you will want to do when beginning the second phase for the elites is to make use of the vehicles which spawn at the beginning of the map. For this phase a wraith and ghost will spawn. The ghost isn't as effective in this phase but can be used to eliminate SPARTANS hanging around the garage area where objective bravo is located. The wraith is the real bonus for the Elites. It negates the effectiveness of the warthog that the SPARTANS have access to and if used cautiously is a great way to support your teammates attempting to take over the bravo objective. In both vehicles it essential to keep on the look out for the Spartan Laser which may spawn for the SPARTANS in phase 2.

The rest of the team will want to co-ordinate an attack that focuses on one objective. A good strategy for this phase would be to send a decoy to one of the objectives and then have the remaining 3-5 members attack the other objective. If attacking alpha you will want to attack using the bridge that found on the left hand side of the map from the Elites perspective.

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