Brute Shot

The Brute Shot
Brute shot.JPG
Brute Shot
Payload4 grenades
Additional ammoMaximum 12
Ammo typeGrenades

The Brute Shot is the standard weaponry for all high ranking Brutes. It is a high speed grenade launcher that functions more like a hand held rocket launcher, since it fires its projectiles at high speed, a near straight trajectory is achieved rather than a mortar like arc from slower launchers, and its grenades explode on impact. This grenade launcher will cause devastation on vehicles and soldiers alike. The Brute Shot relies heavily on the effectiveness of the trajectory of each launch. Once fired, an internal mechanism allows the grenade to bounce before denoting allowing for the maximum damage on its target. The Brute Shot is also equipped with a large blade for devastating melee attacks.

In Halo 2, the Brute Shot has superb accuracy since it essentially fires straight at targets. Its speed, rate of fire, and damage make it very effective against more powerful enemies, including Hunters, and enemies with shields.

In Halo 3, the clip size has been cut down, and the accuracy has been increased. It is also slightly stronger.

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