Burial Mounds


[edit] Overview

Burial Mounds was a Halo 2 multiplayer map. It was a map set on Earth somewhere. There was no specific location given. The map was a Mid to Large sized map, mainly suited to one-sided Objective and Slayer game types. The offense spawn was in the rocks on the South side of the map. In front of that spawn, there was a small cliff. Taking the cliff up would lead you to a large amount of debris that had obviously rained down during the wars. These provided great sniper cover and even vantage points if you knew how to climb them properly. There was a cave in the rocks behind the debris where the Energy Sword spawned.

From here, you could either go for a full frontal assault on the single base in the level, by running up to the front wall and jumping through the window. The suicide option. Either that or follow the ruins on around, into the rocks on the west side of the map. These rocks again provided great cover and a vantage point if you climbed them properly. Leaving these rocks would lead you straight into the base through one of the two open sides. Expect heavy resistance in any game mode in the base.

The base is a simple structure. It is more of a shielded platform than a base. You can run up to the second tier of the base by a ramp, which allows you to see out the three windows. The walkway then leads to the back wall of the base, where there is a tunnel that leads down and out to the east side of the map.

Now, on the east side of the map, facing back toward the offense spawn, you can either go straight ahead and to the left or right. Right will lead you back to the ruins at the front of the base. Left will either lead you under the bridge formed by more debris, or up the hill that allows you to go over that bridge, or continue straight on past and back into the offense spawn.

[edit] Power Weapons

    • Energy Sword - The Sword spawns at the ruins, inside a small cave behind them.
    • Beam Rifle - Spawns in the defensive spawn, at the top of the hill to the left before you go into the ruins.
    • Rocket Launcher - The Rockets spawn on the bridge that's formed by debris to the right of the offence spawn. Be careful when grabbing them; the bridge can be seen from the defensive base, and they have a mounted turret watching the spot.
    • Sniper Rifle - The Sniper Rifle spawns inside the defensive base, on the platform at the window.

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