Capture the Flag

Escaping with the enemy flag.


[edit] Overview

Capture the Flag has been a gameplay standard throughout the Halo trilogy. It is also a common game type in many other video games. The premise behind the gametype is self-explanatory; steal the enemies' flag whilst protecting your own.

[edit] Variants

There are two primary variants of Capture the Flag; they are as follows.

[edit] Multi-Flag

Multi-Flag is where each team has their own flag. It requires defense of one's own flag whilst working out a way to capture the enemies' flag. In Matchmaking, the first team to get three captures wins. However, some smaller maps (Foundry variant "Onslaught", for example) require up to five captures to secure victory.

[edit] One-Flag

One-Flag is a Capture the Flag variant where each team takes turns being on the offensive. Only one team has a flag every round, meaning one team is on offense and the other is on defense. The offensive team has a limited amount of time to capture the enemies' flag before the round ends and they switch over to the defensive. Most of the time in matchmaking, One-flag lasts 4 rounds, allowing both teams two chances to secure the enemy flag.

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