Carrier Forms

Flood Carrier Form
Threat LevelMinimal

Carrier Forms are one of the Flood forms that is functioned as an Infection Forms transporter and biological storage body. It is slow and lack balance when walking due to the mass it carries on its little feet. Its main attack technique is simply exploding which result in a damage to nearby creatures, and the release of the Infection Forms. Its anatomy is abnormal and lack a recognizable face. They were first introduced in Halo: Combat Evolved.

[edit] Overview

Flood Carrier Forms are formed from older combat forms or from bodies that are unsuitable for combat. They were originally thought to be the infected forms of Grunts; however, this theory was disproved in Halo Wars. Carrier Forms serve in an auxiliary capacity; they house a batch of Infection Forms that can be expelled in a shield-draining explosion if the player gets too close.

In Halo 3, sticking the Carrier Forms with a Plasma or Spike Grenade prevents the Infection Forms from being released. Incinerating a Carrier with a Firebomb Grenade has the same effect.

[edit] Tactics

  • The Carrier Form are extremely weak if engaged from a distance, they simply "trigger" a "sequence" which results in its body being blasted by explosion, so simply shooting it right on sight might do less damage.
  • The Carriers are invulnerable to explosions in some cases, so be careful when tossing a grenade on a bunch of Carriers, one might end up exploding behind or above you.
  • The only thing that must be avoided when facing a Carrier form is performing a melee attack on it.

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