Chieftain Tartarus

[edit] Features and role

Chief Tartarus is the main enemy in Halo 2. He is the Overlord Chieftan of the Brutes who take the Prophets side against Elites and Humans in Halo 2. His job, to help the "Great Journey" that the Prophets are one, is to retrieve The Index of Installation 05 and use it to activate the installation as a beacon to further the Covenant on their Great Journey.

In the last level of Halo 2, Chief Tartarus faces off against The Arbiter, Miranda Keyes and Sergant Johnson in a fight to the death in the middle of Installation 05's control room. He is a giant Brute who wields a huge Gravity Hammer. On Legendary, he can prove a most difficult enemy to dispatch indeed. You need to fire at him when his shields are down, which does not happen often. Only after you have beaten wave upon wave of his Brute reinforcements.

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