Brute Chopper
Renders of the Brute Chopper
AffiliationCovenant Loyalists
Seating CapacityOne (Driver)
Weapon SystemsTwo side-mounted cannons
Auxiliary FunctionsQuick Boost
MedalsHighjacker, Splatter, Splatter Spree, Vehicular Manslaughter

The Chopper is a one-person Brute vehicle designed for light ground support. It is equipped with two forward-facing cannons that boast considerable stopping power. Adjacent to the cannons are a pair of auxiliary thrusters that offer the Chopper a brief, powerful burst of speed. The Chopper is one of the most unwieldy vehicles in Halo 3, and is best suited to brief, cavalry-like charges through the enemy's ranks.

Choppers are quite a rare sight in matchmaking, but they can be found in abundance throughout four of the ten campaign missions.

[edit] Weaponry

The Brute Chopper is, as it's species suggest, a brute of a vehicle. It has one main weapon but another weapon that us usually overlooked. The main side-mounted cannons are the weapon that most people tend to use, then do not have much further success with the vehicle, because of it's clunky controls and slow turning, it seems like a bit of an uneven match when faced with something like a ghost or Warthog, with their increased maneuverability and control.

However, the Chopper's quick boost function, accessed by using the Left Trigger on the D-pad, is the vehicle's pseudo secondary weapon. Because of the weight of the vehicle and the blade-like design of the front wheel, the Chopper can make short work of almost any personnel vehicle in the game. Watch as you slice a Ghost or Warthog in two without ever touching your primary weapon.

[edit] Tactics

The Chopper is most definitely a vehicle that takes some mastering. People don't get to use it to the best of it's ability in multiplayer, because of how rare it is in matchmaking. You will only ever see it in larger team games on maps like Sandtrap or Valhalla. For that reason, I'll give some tips for a quick mastery of the vehicle, and you'll find yourself slicing through opponents in no time:

  • Use the boost function as a weapon. Boosting directly at an enemy player or a Ghost/Warthog will make short work of them.
  • The boost can also be used to make quick turns and evade even the most nimble of Ghost pilots. If you start to turn then boost as you're turning, you will spin in a 180 degree U-turn, and if the Ghost continues on past you, sometimes you will find yourself behind the Ghost, instantly giving you the upper hand.
  • The chopper doesn't fly, but it can certainly get more air time than most vehicles. If you boost into a jump, you can clear bigger gaps than most other vehicles. Use this to your advantage if you're trying to escape.

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