Coastal Highway

Coastal Highway is the Final Campaign Mission in Halo Three : ODST.

Starting off this mission you come right up into one of the "floating" covenant bases with 3 plasma turrets along with 3 grunts ontop of this. This should be your first priority for killing as they can shoot at you from anywhere on the map. Going along the left side you are met by a few jackels and grunts. Along this side there is a path to get to the higher level of the map where you can find a sniper rifle for picking off some brutes you need to kill to continue. Also along this wall there is a rocket launcher. In order to make playing through this as easy as possible give one rocket to ?Dutch? and the other to the woman.

Now comes the fun part. Jump into your warthogs if you got more than one person go 2 and 2 but make sure to pick up ?Dutch? because he will be able to shoot the enemies with rockets as they shoot back with pretty good accuracy too.

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