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[edit] Overview

A Covenant Super-structure, 3 separate vertical levels, all joined with ramps and gravity lifts are the main components of Colossus.

Colossus is a mulitplayer map from Halo 2. As the name suggests, it was quite a huge map. Not necessarily in conventional size, but it was huge. The map, from roof to floor, was massive. It consisted of 3 floors, where each team spawns on the second floor. The map is shaped like a giant horseshoe, where each team spawns at either end of the shoe. This could sometimes get frustrating, because in every game, you would spawn within grenade throwing distance of the other team, but wouldn't be close enough to have a proper shoot-out with them.

[edit] Floors

[edit] Ground Floor

The Ground Floor was where a lot of the action happened in Objective games. This was the quickest way to where the Beam Rifle spawned ((On the Balcony at the top of the Gravity Lift, and jumping off a higher level to run across the ground floor was the quickest way to get from one base to another. Say, if you're capturing a flag or something. At the North end of the ground floor, there was a huge Gravity Lift, that shot the player right up to the Third Floor if you jumped into it. There was also a conveyor belt along the floor, so leaving a flag or bomb or even launching one of the giant Fusion Cores up onto the Balcony can cause the enemy some damage if they're occupying the top floor.

[edit] First Floor

This floor was where both teams spawns opposite eachother. The floor was in the shape of a big horseshoe, and served mostly as a transition are to the third floor. The action only ever heated up on the first floor if it was something like a Slayer game where the teams just wanted to get straight into the action without wasting the killing time for going to another floor.

[edit] Second Floor

The Second Floor was pretty much just a balcony, but this was mostly the focal point of the map. A ramp on the First Floor at either side, and a ramp from underneath the balcony lead up to the second floor It was easily accessible from the Gravity Lift on the Ground Floor. As I said, the Beam Rifle spawns on the Balcony, so games usually started with a scramble of people jumping to the Ground Floor so they could get to the Grav Lift and be the first team with the Beam Rifle. In a Slayer game, this could mean the difference between a win and a loss if the right player gets his or her hands on the Beam Rifle.

The map worked very well for Team Objective based games. The multiple storeys on the map, combined with the symmetrical nature of it, both lent themselves very well to objective gametypes.

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