Construct is one of the original maps to come out with Halo 3. It is currently being used in the MLG playlist for MLG Team Slayer and MLG King. Construct is a multi-leveled map with 3 lifts that go from level 1 to level 4. 1 being to farthest down and 4 being the highest up. The Sniper is the only "Special" weapon to spawn on the fourth level; the rest are on the first level. Although the third level is a walkway next the gold lift, it is still regarded as the third level.


[edit] Weapons

The weapons on Construct include:

[edit] Equipment and Power-ups



  • None

[edit] Strategies

Control of the upper level, where most of the fighting takes place, is essential. Owing to the sheer size of the map, calling out enemy positions is very important for Team-orientated gametypes. Let your teammates know where the enemy is at or where they are coming from.

Control of the three lifts is essential; the most efficient way to accomplish this is to remain at the purple lifts while constantly checking to see if any players are approaching from the gold lift or the open side's ramp. The sword poles always present a significant thread to players who would control the upper level; a keen ear (and grenade spamming the sword walkway) goes a long way toward preventing would-be assassins from getting a shot at the player's flank.

[edit] Trivia

Construct is the only map to feature a Flamethrower in its default variant.

[edit] Call Outs

Call outs are used for pinpointing enemies and relaying their position to one's team. The call-outs for Construct are as follows.

  • Bottom Level (Self-explanatory)
  • Sword Spawn (Self-explanatory)
  • Open (Purple) Lift (The purple lift closest to the stairs)
  • Closed (Purple) Lift (The purple lift closest to the wall)
  • Gold Lift (The main lift with openings on all three levels)
  • Wall Walkway (Third-level walkway in front of the Gold Lift)
  • Stairs Walkway (Walkway adjacent to the second-level ramp)
  • Brute Shot Spawn (Self-explanatory)
  • Sniper Spawn (Self-explanatory)
  • Underneath Library (Lowest level of the map)
  • Library (Middle level of the map)

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