This skull can be obtained in the level The Ark towards the end of the level. Unlike some of the other Skulls this does not award you with an gamer score.

Icon: A Skull with a cowbell hence Cowbell Skull.

Effect: Phyical Dynamics of the game are increased; For Example: Explosions and Melee will launch characters and objects further. Even though this happens physical damage from the cause it self will not increase.

Location: You will need a Gravity Lift. Use the Gravity Lift from the small structure in the center to the right of the entrance up the large slope. Now continue forwards and you will eventually go pass a room with a lot of explosive Plasma Batteries. In the hallway after this room, there is a tall section with openings above the turning point of the hall, and the skull is in the top one of the highest of these.

Methods of Obtaining: To Come.

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