Cowbell Skull

[edit] Overview

The Cowbell Skull is one of several silver skulls found throughout Halo 3's campaign. Like all Silver Skulls, the player doesn't receive an achievement for finding it. This skull must be activated in order to unlock all of the Hayabusa armor permutations.

[edit] Effect

Decreases the physics threshold, thereby increasing the effects of explosions and melee attacks.

[edit] Acquiring the Skull

The Cowbell skull is found on The Ark. After defeating the Scarab, cut through the stronghold situated in the center of the arena and pick up a Gravity Lift. Proceed through the remainder of the level until you reach the hallway leading away from the room filled with Plasma Batteries. Once in the hallway, deploy the Gravity Lift on the sloped floor and use it to jump into the topmost alcove above the middle landing. The skull will be sitting against the opposite wall.

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