• Master Chief mission from Halo 2

You start the mission with only a Covenant Carbine, use this to kill some of the onrushing Flood. If an Energy Sword pick it up. As usual, the Energy Sword is superb at killing Flood - they rush at you so using projectile weapons is a lot trickier, the Energy Sword will kill most non-shielded Flood in a single swipe.

The two most difficult parts of this mission are right after the first door and when rushing through the Flood infested inner corridors. At the first door literally 6-8 Brutes will try to rush out. If you play it right and use plenty of Grenades you can make it through without problems, and don't worry, you will get plenty of other grenades along the way.

Later, you reach the darkened corridors where plenty of Flood abound. You can fight your want through, or you can try to rush past these until you see Flood and Brutes facing off. Either way, arm yourself with an Energy Sword to make quick work of any Flood.

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