Crow's Nest

Crow's Nest
Mission Description:
  • Placeholder
Mission Progression:
  • Third
Mission Length:
  • Moderate
Mission Difficulty:
  • Moderate


[edit] Overview

Crow's Nest is the third level of Halo 3's campaign. It is the first level to feature Jump pack Brutes.

[edit] Intel

[edit] Enemy Ground Force

[edit] Enemy Vehicular Support

[edit] Available Weaponry and Equipment

[edit] Rally Points

[edit] Mission Start


[edit] Rally Point Alpha

Starts the player(s) in the recently retaken ops center.

[edit] Rally Point Bravo

Starts the player(s) in a crumbling hallway.

[edit] Hidden Skulls

[edit] Black Eye (Gold)

Black Eye Skull Location

The Black Eye Skull is sitting atop a ventilation duct near the beginning of the level. Make your way to the highest level of the ops center and jump onto the storage locker. From there, jump to the red support braces for the ventilation pipe. Maneuver down the braces until you have room to jump onto the pipe. Do so, and walk to the far end.

[edit] Grunts Birthday Party (Silver)

Grunt's Birthday Surprise Skull

The GBP Skull is sitting in a small ventilation alcove near the mid-level rendezvous point. After making your way through the first drone-filled pipe intersection, turn 180 degrees and back off the edge of the structure. Immediately press up on the left analog stick; you should catch yourself on a ledge. Walk forward and claim the skull.

[edit] Walkthrough

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