The Cyclops is a giant UNSC demolition unit, it was built for non-combat reasons at first. But later the UNSC used it against the Covenants at the Human-Covenant War to destruct Covenants' structures and buildings. This vehicle only features in Halo Wars.

It got it name after the giant, one-eyed Greek mythological creature

[edit] History

There was a need for a better and more controllable exoskeleton armors, by the year of 2531 the cyclopses were constructed and used in the Liberation of Harvest, the First Battle of Arcadia, and the Battle of the Flood-controlled Shield World.

[edit] Development

Ensemble Studios designed the Cyclops as a canon-accurate MJOLNIR Mark I suit, but it was necessary to keep it similar to the Spartans in order to be easily identified. The design of the Cyclops changed throughout the development process, it didn't have a visor originally. The Cyclops is based on a unit from another Ensemble Studios game called Age of Mythology, the unit is large and have the same attack pattern.

[edit] Combat

The Cyclops got a massive sized arms that was originally used for heavy duty, but it is used as a powerful melee attack weapon. The damage that is dealt by the arms is critical and big, but it is too slow. Because it is made for destructing enemy's structures, it has an ability to shred damaged objects or vehicles and use them as projectile weapons. The Cyclops got another useful ability if upgraded, it can repair any damaged friendly units. It can also perform finishing moves against weakened squads. The Cyclops have a weakness, when ordered to go into a fight against a group of enemy units, it well be defenseless and weak regardless its armor. It has a Anti-building Jackhammer/Piledriver and it can be controlled by one soldier. Cyclops is available only when Sgt. John Forge is the leader.

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