Delta Halo

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[edit] Overview

This level's events proceed the level Metropolis. At the end of Metropolis you follow the Prophet of Regret through slip-stream in Amber Clad. At the start of this level you appear in front of a second Halo Ring.
Amber Clad appearing at the second halo system
You will start on a cliff after falling from the Amber Clad. Your main goal of the level is to catch up with to scout the land and track the prophet of Regret.

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Helljumpers

This walkthrough is done on normal difficulty.

Start by swapping you SMG with your ODST’s Battle Rifle. Fight your way to the building; first use your rocket launcher to take out the turrets. On top of the building is a sniper, be aware of him. Once you get to the building there will be 2 elites inside. Kill them and go to the top of the building. Turn right and jump on that ledge, after that turn behind you and jump on the roof there will be 2 grenades and ammo for the rocket launcher. As the dropships are coming, lock onto their guns and shot them off. Kill the enemies and swap the battle rifle with the carbine, if you are out of ammo. Repeat that step with the new dropship.

Now a warthog will be dropped off, I personally prefer to drive as the AI is absolutely clueless. Take the warthog up to the left and drive on through, either letting your marines shot the jackals or running them down. Now set you warthog down at the top of the hill where you can see the whole battlefield. Get out and get in the Gunner seat (making sure your marine doesn’t drive off) and shot the turrets you can see.

Once you killed all of the ghosts and enemies drive on down and go flick the switch for the bridge. There will be a Grunt, jackal and an elite in the room. Now go outside and wait for the scorpion to be dropped off. Be careful as if you wait around on the opposite side to the wraith then Banshees will come. Kill the wraith and drive through the hallway killing the Ghosts and grunts as you go by.

[edit] You break it, You Buy it

Make you way through the courtyard killing all enemies. Continue the way through the hall-way be weary of the ghosts and grunts. You will get to a spot where you can go left or right, go left and continue around the structure. Once you reach the shields you will have to get out. Fight your way through until you get to a door way and go through you will meet a patrol, your best bet will be assassinate the elites or sticky them. Turn left and continue to kill the jackals in front of you. Be aware not to jump down the hole or you will have to go back a far way. Continue through until you come to a small cave to the left.

[edit] Off the Rock, Through the Bush, Nothing But Jackal

Once out of the cave there will be a jackal at the end, near the cliff. Assassinate him and take his sniper. From there continue to pick of the Jackals until you think it is save enough to continue down. Be aware once you jump drop a lot of Drones will attack you with the jackals so it is best to take out the jackals while you can. Proceed on the left up until you reach a Ammo depletion station. Grab a Battle Rifle and a Sniper Rifle. Kill the enemies and proceed on over, turn left and follow the cave through. You will get to a ammo station, reload your bullets. Go down and bring out the Elite, when you come out there will be 2 snipers on the roof take them out and finish off the Elite. Take his sword if you want and replace it with the battle. Go in and kill the elites. This is the end, proce3ed to the next level, Regret.

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