Designated Marksman Rifle

Designated Marksman Rifle
The DMR from Halo: Reach.
Ammo Capacity48 rounds
Clip Capacity12 rounds

The Designated Marksman Rifle is a human weapon from the video game Halo: Reach. As it is a primarily mid-long range weapon, it is considered the replacement for the Battle Rifle found in Halo 2 and Halo 3. However, unlike the Battle Rifle, it is a single-shot, semi-automatic rifle; rather than a three-bullet burst weapon.

This weapon is always going to be compared to both the Battle Rifle from the old Halo's and the Needle Rifle from Halo Reach. The DMR is a variation of the classic UNSC Battle Rifle. It's brother was burst fire, and had no limitations in regards it's accuracy while firing. The DMR fires single shot mode and has to take a about a second to re-center after each shot. This makes it the type of weapon that the player should be shooting from a distance where you feel comfortable that the enemy will have a hard time hitting you back. It's the type of weapon that should be fired from cover so that you can calmly squeeze off the round that you need to take your enemy out. Putting yourself in a high stress situation in a close-range shoot out against an Assault Rifle is not the way to use this weapon. You will panic and miss, leading the, more suited to close range, Assault Rifle open to rip you up.

As always, use the weapon that suits your situation, and if you're not in the situation that best suits the weapon, either get away from the situation or get the proper weapon.

Against the Needle Rifle, the DMR seems to have a few issues with matching it. The Needle Rifle has a larger magazine, larger capacity, fires faster and seems to re-center faster after each shot. This might make the DMR seem like it's completely outmatched, but it's not. The two weapons are somehow very well matched, even with their very apparent differences. It's really down to the player's preference. Some players find the DMR easier to use, and some find the Needle Rifle easier to use. Each one of the DMR's so called "Shortcomings" when compared with the Needle Rifle don't seem to matter when it's in the hand of a player who knows how to properly use it to it's full potential.

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