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The Drones / Yanme'e are insect-like and are covered in natural body armor, although it doesn't provide much protection. It seems That the Drones have a ranking system in armor, but the leader is unclear. The drones exact position in the Covenant Hierarchy is relatively unknown, although it is believed that they are higher in rank than Grunts and Jackals, but of lower rank than Elites. They are used as mechanical crews on ships when Engineers are not available.

After the Covenant Civil War began, the Drones took the side of the Brutes.

Drones are a Covenant equivelant of the flood's infection forms. They are plentiful and irritating. If you're playing on any difficulty below Legendary, you won't really need to worry about Drones being powerful enough to kill you. They are a hindrance more than anything, that will deplete your shield as any surrounding Covenant and Flood forces make matters worse by taking your health after the Drones have done their bit in taking your shield down.

[edit] Attacks

The weapons used by the Drones are the Needler and the Plasma Pistol. they Attack in Swarms of over twenty, and decimate most enemies. They may kick you off your vehicle.

[edit] Counters

  • The Best way to kill drones is not with a Battle Rifle, but with an Assault Rifle. Battle Rifles work, but are too concentrated. When you're firing at Drones, you want to be taking out multiple targets at a time, which is why the Assault Rifle works best. With one burst of a second or so, you can send up to three or four Drones spiraling to their doom. The UNSC Marines say the best ways to take the drones out is to use 'short controlled bursts', and the only Human weapon capable of delivering a deadly, but not concentrated, burst, is the Assault Rifle. In Halo 2, the SMG was the best equivelant to the Assault Rifle, and burst firing a pair of Sub Machineguns was the easiest way to take down many Drones, and fast.
  • A mounted Machine Gun Turret can also work as a anti-drone weapon. Again, fire it in controlled burst, and don't be afraid to leave the turret and take cover if the drones have taken your shield. Plasma Pistols might not do much damage, but they will still kill you with sustained fire if you have no shield.
  • Also, another way to kill drones is to stick them. You stick one, you stick them all. Although it is hard, it is effective.
  • You can also use a Rocket Launcher, this is only as you first see them as a Group though since when they have spread, you probably wont hit any of them. Most times, you will have to depend on the splash damage of the Rockets to do most of your damage, as it is nigh on impossible to hit a single drone with a Rocket, simply because of their erratic and unpredictable methods of flying.

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