The term Dropship is a term that is used in military field for ships that functions as troops or reinforcements dispatching ship. Most Dropships are designed to carry a huge amount of land troopers and is not as strong as other ships in combat. Dropships are mostly big and may contain a small wound treatment room, others might be equipped with basic defense weapons such as Laser Turrets in Covenants' case.
A Covenant Spirit
Both the UNSC and the Covenants have a multiple dropships that are widely used in battle, the Spirit dropship that is featured in Halo: Combat Evolved first, is a one of the Covenants' standard dropships. The UNSC also have several dropships, one notable one is the Pelicans, which Echo 419 used. Some Dropships also drop vehicles for aid in battles.
An UNSC Pelican dropping a Warthog

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