Earth is one of the oldest planets that the Human race ever settled in, it have been the home for the Human race for long ages and it was believed to be the only planet that supports life, and it was believed to be the only planet that contains water and oxygen. It is the birthplace for many well known personals, and the capital for many organizations such as the United Nations Space Command and the Unified Earth Government.

The veiw of Earth from space, the yellow dots on the surface resembles areas at night


[edit] Overview

Earth is covered mostly by water surfaces known as "Seas" and the rest are made up of the solid surface, soil and rocks covered with grasses, sands, ices and muds. The earth have a diverse amount of geographical faces and structures such as mountains and valleys, it also holds a diverse amount of Animals, wheres 99% are extincted from their original number when the earth was first existed. The Earth orbits a complete round around the Sun in 365.25 days, and orbits a complete round around itself in 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. Earth is ruled by the Human race, who also interact with other creatures such as the Animals. The Earth have over 200 countries and a population that is counted in Billions, people who work in a variety of fields including the Military Field.

[edit] History

Earth was formed and created 4.6 billion years ago, billion of years later a primitive bacterium organism evolved in multiple ways and gave rise to the diverse creatures that are seen nowadays, including Humans. The Forerunners existed and were highly advanced when the humans were just starting to discover the very basic instruments and tools, such as spears. The Forerunners discovered Earth long ago and established some structures such as the Ark in Africa, the Forerunners considered Humans as a lower ranked creatures due to their primitive state at that time. Humans were subject to studies and many other Forerunner projects, such as containing the Floods after the Forerunner-Flood War.

[edit] Humans starting to get advanced

As humans rise in power and advanced throughout the centuries, they evolved from simple tribes to complex democratic, non-democratic, and religious empires and civilizations. Humans had have many wars and conflicts between them as they grew into different nations, but by the end of the twenty-first century, peace treaties and protocols started to take place and work efficiently, and since the last thirty-years that Human started their space expeditions and made their first contact with the Earth's Moon. More Planets were found colonizable and Human Nation grew and extended to outer space and into the Solar System.

[edit] Space Issues and Aliens

Throughout the years that fallows 2160, many wars were taking place again between unified nations peace keepers and terrorism and rebel fractions, Human-Human fraction wars lasted for another six years and extended to outer space battles, by the end of 2164 the War were over and peace was all over the Human Nations. Overpopulation problems raised and a solution must be found before a total chaos occurs. Space Traveling engine was built to be used in travel via the Slipspace which allowed Humans to even extend further in space, a bunch of planets were discovered and set to be human colonies such as Harvest and Reach.

Just as peace was taking place, and space colonies were discovered, rebellions were rising to power and started a series of small civil-wars against the UEG and the UNSC. The rebels were a bunch of unorganized humans who wanted to take over some colonies and get rid of the UNSC control over it. The rebels threatened genral peace and the stable Human Nation system, thus a new project to resist this and put an end to it was taking place. The SPARTAN-II project was initiated by Dr. Catherine Halsey, which develops a highly advanced exoskeleton armors for super-soldiers. Out of the sudden, a Jackal-operated ship attacked a Human freighter ship, a treaty was to be made in Harvest between the Humans' UNSC and the Alien's Covenants, things gone bad and out of Control. The effect of this incidence is a decade of devastating battles in a war known as the Human-Covenant War, the Covenant seemed real determine to invade human colonies and wipe them out of existence.

Reach colony

It was not until year 2552, where the Covenants discovered Reach, one of the largest and well known human colonies, and invaded it and glassed the planet out. The Covenants kept on sending its offensive fleets to finish off humans, but it was safe though because the Covenants were incapable to know the location or existence of Earth. Thanks to the Cole Protocol, which was a strong protocol in blocking and defending the Earth's location and other important colonies. But on the October 20th of the same year, the Covenant found out about Earth and launched their first strike. Humans were able to survive to battle thanks to their extreme diverse and heavily constructed and place defenses, such as the MAC Gun and hundred thousands of Marines and various organized human forces.

[edit] War Zone: Earth

After entering the Solar system on October the 20th in the year of 2552, the Covenant invasion fleet made its way through the Solar system into the Earth's outer borders. The Covenants then made it way through the Stations that were orbiting around earth, the invasion fleet destroyed Athens Station and Malta Station while the Master Chief, after being honored, defended the Cairo Station from the Covenants forces. Some of the Covenants made it to the Earth and attacked New Mombasa, another Carrier made it to the Earth's atmosphere only to be destroyed by the Master Chief. After lots of losses from both sides, the Prophet of Regret finally call on for a retreat, after damaging most of the Space Stations and major cities in Earth. Another Covenant fleet made it again to strike, this time it stroke east Africa, and the Master Chief was back with the Arbiter to save earth again. Soon the battle for Earth was over, the Humans achieved victory and this resulted in the end of the Human-Covenant War on March 2553. The Prophet of Truth was dead, and that resulted in a Chaos alongside the Covenant ranks, and a monument was held after the war honoring the dead Humans especially the Master Chief.

Cairo Station orbiting earth alongside other Stations and Starships

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