Energy Sword

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Energy Sword
The Energy Sword
Ammo Capacity10 kills using lunges (Halo 3)
AccuracyLock-on targeting

The Energy Sword (Also known as the "Plasma Sword" in Halo: Combat Evolved) is a Covenant close-quarters-combat weapon. It is only allowed to be utilized by high-ranked Elites in the campaign, and any lower subordinates are strictly forbidden from using this weapon. When this weapon is utilized in a close combat situation, the effect can be devastating.


[edit] Halo: Combat Evolved

In the first Halo game, the Energy Sword could only be seen in campaign. Elites using camouflage and this weapon were particularly dangerous when encountered during the campaign.

[edit] Halo 2

The Energy Sword was first introduced to the multiplayer in Halo 2. It was particularly devastating in this game, as it had unlimited uses. On maps such as Lockout, the Energy Sword was an important weapon for your team to have in their possession to win the game. Although the Shotgun was known to be a particularly effective counter to the Energy Sword, it otherwise was often considered the better close-range weapon as it's lunge allowed for complete efficiency from a decent range.

It was also very effective in the campaign, especially against the Flood. Since it had unlimited uses, the weapon became extremely use against the constant onslaught of the Flood.

[edit] Glitches

In Halo 2, the Energy Sword was well-known for it's glitches. In particular, the "sword cancel", or "sword flying" technique can be used to gain higher ground in multiplayer. By targeting an opponent within the sword's range, a player can lunge towards the player and then "sword cancel" in order to leap past the opponent, which can lead the person to higher grounds outside the normal boundaries of the map. In order to cancel the sword attack, the person must simply press 'X' right before he hits his opponent with the sword.

Another common glitch was "butterflying". This was essentially sword canceling, but in rapid succession. One player must stand on anothers head and repeatedly jump, whilst the player on bottom repeatedly sword cancels. This will lift both players up into the air. Although this technique was rarely used in typical matchmade games, it was commonly used in custom games on maps such as Headlong to gain access to the otherwise inaccessible skyscraper buildings.

[edit] Halo 3

In Halo 3 the Energy Sword's effectiveness seems to have diminished slightly for several reasons. Firstly, it recovers more slowly after a lunge attack. Flood also behave slightly differently in Halo 3, and are deployed in larger clusters, where the Energy Sword's recovery time cripples you while being attacked by multiple targets. Lastly, the Energy Sword's graphics are vastly improved in Halo 3, however, part of this improvement includes making the sword more glow with even more vibrant energy--the lighting effect is beautiful, but it creates a sharp glaring contrast in darker areas making it harder to distinguish the action on screen.

[edit] Halo: Reach

The energy sword is a one-hit weapon that is commonly found in the hands of a zealot elite in the campaign e.g. The Winter Contingency toward the end you find three zealots. One holding the sword 2 holding concussion rifles. Affliction: covenant Range: short Ammunition:100 one hit using 10 How to forge: you can only forge in the forge type game. To forge press up on the D-Pad then select weapons: covenant then energy sword.

[edit] Strategy

Due to the longer recovery time after a standard lunge attack, many players find it more useful to use the melee button instead of the trigger when possible. Using the melee button will still deal instant death under normal circumstances, but you are able to use it in succession more more rapidly than the lunge attack. It is also quite necessary to deploy this tactic when engaging in sword-on-sword battles. In Halo 3, sword attacks may be repelled by simultaneous sword strikes. As such, it is important to use the melee button in order to attack faster than your opponent. Otherwise, they may do it to you and win because of it.

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