The Forerunner Enforcers are essentially very large Sentinels that sport multiple weapons and frontal shields. Their size ensures that they are only deployed in large open areas, and when you encounter them in enclosed spaces they have limited ability to reach you.

The Foreunners created Enforcers primarily to suppress major Flood infestations, but as with all other Forerunner creations they will attack any intruders in Forerunner facilities.

[edit] Capabilities and Strategies

These are not difficult enemies to kill, and alone they pose little threat provided you can find cover and can continue to move out of their forward firing range. They do require a significant amount of firepower to take down if you have weaker weapons, but if you have time and are not harassed by other enemies you can essentially this without problem. However, they can cause some trouble depending on what is supporting them and what other enemies are around you.

As a general rule, you may wan to allow all Forerunner creations, Enforcers included, to clear out a little of the Flood in the surrounding areas before destroying them, otherwise you will find yourself surrounded by both Flood and Forerunner bots and have a doubly difficult time.

[edit] Movement and Weaponry

Like Sentinels, Enforcers can fly and hover in place, yet they move slowly and are slow to turn. This is their major deficiency as they must face you to fire, and their more devastating weapon, a form of energy mortar or mini bomblets which appear as slow moving yellow projectiles, are easily avoided from a distance. They also fire a more rapid pulse cannon of purple projectiles, which do less damage but are harder to dodge.

[edit] Frontal Shields

Their frontal shields are split into two, and absorb all frontal attacks, yet they are only capable of absorbing so much damage before collapsing. If you are piloting a vehicle you can make quick work of an Enforcer even if you attack them with a frontal assault as your weapons will collapse their shields. Tank vehicles like the Covenant Wraith and UNSC Scorpion can take down an Enforcer in 2-4 blasts even through their shields.

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